Sunday, June 16, 2019

Scared Hank

            The appearance of Hank not only shocked the meows out of the gang but it sent the new kitties back on the boat.  Hank was, as you know and imposing dude, and when he was in a state of panic, he was really scary.  Paws and Sammie weren’t sure what to think, remember they were only 3 years old and their interaction with Hank was kind of minimal.  It took about 2 seconds but, finally, Sammie remembered, “Hank!”  he yowled.  “Where’s Tippy?”

            Hank was huffing and puffing.  His eyes were huge and he seemed really afraid of something.  “We- we- you- you gotta get out of here.”

            “What’s the matter?”  asked Paws.

            That’s when Hank said the ultimate shocker, “We’re on the island of the dead!!!”


Friday, June 14, 2019

Weird Beach

@2019 Purry Cute
     The seal disappeared and the gang was smack dab on a sandy beach.  The boat kind of just slid onto it without making a sound.  The kitties were so meowy glad to be out of that boat that they jumped into the sand with no controversy.

            “Where in the meow do you think we are?”  asked Paws, looking at Sammy.

            Sammy shrugged.  “No idea, how about you guys?”  he looked at his pals but all they did was twitch their whiskers and shake their heads.

            The beach seemed pleasant enough, nice, soft, golden sand, blue sky and a couple of gulls flying by.  Sammie had a weird feeling about this place though he didn’t get why.  “This place is creepy,” he meowed.

            Everybody was looking at him like he flipped his tail.  “Creepy?”  asked Paws.  “What do you mean creepy?”

            “I dunno,” Sammie meowed.  “It just doesn’t feel right.”

            All of a sudden the beach started to shake!

Paw Note

Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Seal With Attitude

            Everybody looked at Sammy expecting to hear something really paw-tastic but here Sammy did nothing but sneeze, twitch his whiskers and he meowed, “Never mind.  I forgot what I was going to say.”

            Meee-ow, oh don’t look like that.  Cats are allowed to be forgetful too.

            Now, the other Sammie was trying not to get to excited.  “Look pal,” he meowed to the seal, “can’t you swim up and find Hank so he can come and get us?”

            “Who are you kidding?”  the seal asked.  “I can’t chase a hippo.”

            You know this seal cat-itude was getting a little nerve-wracking.

            Cory tried to be rational with the seal.  “You have any idea where we’re going?”

            “Yeah,” the seal answered using his flipper to point to the right, “land!”

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Chatty Seal

            “You cats are in big trouble,” the seal said.

            “No kidding,” answered Freddy, annoyed.  He happened to be starving and he just found out his favorite cat food wasn’t on board.  “Do all of you dumb seals always squeak the obvious?”

            The seal paid no attention to Freddy but asked Paws.  “So, where did Tippy go?”

            Paws was starting to understand Freddy’s point of view.  “How in the meow do I know?  Hank doesn’t usually tell me where he’s going.”

            Sammie was tired of the idle chitchat.  “Can you do something to get us back to land?”  he asked the seal.

            The seal made some kind of weird noise that sounded like a cross between a laugh and a choke.  “What do you think I am?”  he asked.  “An engine?”

            If you thought Paws was hot before he was really steamed now.  Shades of Casey were pouring through the lad’s fur.  “Now look, you wacky seal.  What is it that you want then?  To gloat that we’re floating?’

            That’s when the other Sammy meowed, “Oh no, I know what he’s going to say…”

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


            Before Dave could even meow anything the boat just made some kind of coughing, sputtering sound and just died.


            The dudes were floating.


            It was a weird scene- the silence of the water, the fancy boat just bobbing up and down.  The cats were all stunned.  Dave and the gang really didn’t know what to meow about this.  Sammie looked sick and Paws, well, Paws was hot.  “What in the meow are we supposed to do now?”  he yowled.

            That’s when the seal popped back up!