Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Confused Smoke

            It was a warm, fuzzy moment. 

            Everyone was quiet for a few minutes as Smokey patted Fuzzy.  Fuzzy was so good too!  She felt really good just helping the Smoke and she really hoped Smokey would start remembering things quickly.  Smokey put her paw down and stepped back.  “Fuzzy,” she meowed, “Fuzzy.”

            Hank couldn’t believe it!  He was 99% sure that Smokey’s brain had been wiped clean.  “Smokey, do you remember?”

            Smokey looked at Hank with big eyes and her whiskers started twitching.  That’s when Barney got a great idea.  “I know how to get her memory back!”  he meowed.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

A Fuzzy Paw

            Amnesia?  How in the meow could Smokey have amnesia?

            Hank wasn’t kidding though!  Smokey was looking at all of them with wide eyes and the tail was swishing back and forth.  Smokey seemed paw-ticularly rattled by Fuzzy’s siblings but not Fuzzy.  Wait a meow minute!  That had to be a good sign.  Smokey had vanished right before Fuzzy’s siblings disappeared- that means she remembered Fuzzy, right?


            Well, that’s what Fuzzy thought anyway.  It was a good theory.  Smokey’s whiskers had a certain recognizable twitch that seemed like she knew Fuzzy.  “You remember me, don’t you?”  Fuzzy asked.  “I’m Fuzzy.”

            Hank gave Fuzzy a funny look.  “What’s up with you, kid?  I’m telling you- Smokey has amnesia.”

            Smokey did something really funny though- she got up and went over to Fuzzy and put her paw out…

Monday, April 15, 2019

A Revelation

            So, it was true.

            Smokey was by the rhino pen with Hank at the Bronx Zoo.


            First of all, it seems like that Hank had been longtime buddies with the rhino dudes at the Bronx Zoo.  How in the meow that happened is a mystery and you’ll probably have to wait until Hank’s autobiography to come out-MOL.  (Would you buy Hank’s autobiography?)

            Pawing right along…

            Barney was literally struck meowless.  It was Baby who took charge.  “Smokey!!  Smokey!  I can’t believe you’re alive.  How come you ran away?”

            Smokey seemed like she cuddled closer to Hank and that’s when Hank said something really shocking…

            “Smokey has amnesia.”