Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Something Weird

            Fuzzy jumped on Hank’s back.  No one saw that coming.  Fuzzy’s tail started smackcing Hank on the back.  “Hank, Hank,” she meowed, “what’s wrong?”

            Right after she did that Hank sat down on the ground with a thud and she slid down his bank and landed in a mud puddle.  The kitties watched Hank with interest and he did something that no one expected.           
                He started bawling like a baby!!!

Monday, February 18, 2019

Charging Hank

            Now, can you picture it?

            A charging Hank running after the Mayor snorting like one of those Spanish bulls.  The kitties were in awe due to the fact no one had any idea that the Mayor could run that fast!!!  If only Casey was around to see it!

            Pawing right along…

            It was Paws and Sammie who kind of snapped out of the shocked stage.  Paws started running after Hank and Sammie jumped on his back going, “Whoah hippo!  Whoah hippo!!!”

            “Hank, you dummy stopz!”  yowled Daisy.

            Barney couldn’t believe it.  “Head for the tree!”  he yowled at the Mayor.  “Head for the apple tree!”

            Believe it or not the Mayor listened and he was up that 30 ft. tree like a shot and Hank came to a complete stop!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

A Hank Surprise

            Hank wasn’t budging.  As a meow of fact, he actually started to look meaner.  “I don’t like a goofy cat questioning my word,” he snarled.

            Hank actually snarled?

            Yep.  I wish I could’ve recorded it for you but you’ll just have to imagine a cross between a snarl, a snort and a growl.  He scared the fur off the black and white kitties, they were actually huddled behind Fuzzy.  Fuzzy herself was feeling a little uneasy.  What in the meow was the Mayor trying to do?  Get his tail chomped off?

            The Mayor was trying to stay cool.  “Hankz you gotta relax.”

            He snorted. Hank snorted?  Meee-wow!  It was loud.  “I’m gonna pound your furry behind,” he snarled and then the craziest thing happened…
                Hank started chasing the Mayor down the path!!!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Mad Hank

            The kitties just stared at him.  Purr and Pup Islands???  How in the meow- or where in the meow were these places?  Maybe a better question was, how in the meow did Hank even know about these places to begin with?

            Well, if you think about it Hank was a hippo on the go.  So, how in the meow were any of the kitties supposed to know who he knew?  Meee-ow, I know we’re getting off track but blame Hank for that, he was always great at distracting.

            The Mayor meowed it first.  “Whatz upz wid dat?”  he asked.  “Iz you drunk?  Youz gotta be drunk.”

            His eyes narrowed and seemed to get really dark and small.  “Why are you calling me a liar, old cat?”

            You know that was the meanest Hank ever sounded.  It was weird really bepaws he was always nice to everyone.  The Mayor tried to calm the situation down.  “Calmz downz, buddy,” he meowed.


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Goofy Hank

            The Mayor looked like he wanted to pull a couple of Hank’s teeth out.  “Whatz up wid youz?”  he asked.  “You eatz somez grass that made you stoned?”

            Fuzzy was 99% sure that Hank would’ve got mad bepaws he opened his mouth but he started doing that crazy hippo laugh that made the ground shake.  “You goof cat,” Hank answered.  “There’s a place for them to go.”

            Barney was getting really ticked off at this point.  “Would you get to the meowing point!!!  Where are they going to go?  The dudes on Fish Island meowed not to come back.”

            Fuzzy and her siblings sat there waiting expectantly.  What was the big secret?

            “Purr and Pup Islands,” Hank answered calmly.