Saturday, October 19, 2019

Run Boys!!

          So, what in the meow happened?  What in the meow was behind the door?  Was it a werewolf?  A mummy?  A ghost?  No- it was your typical haunted door surprise-

          A skeleton?


          You heard me.  It was a skeleton- a human skeleton!  Sammie and Paws were stunned, flabbergasted and both felt glued to the spot.  But then this wacky thing started moving- clomp…



          They just sat there and looked at it but then the skeleton just reached out his right arm and both started screeching…


Thursday, October 17, 2019

Down the Hall

“Meeeee-ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!”  he yowled, wiggling and thrusting.  “Let go- let go!  SAMMIE!!!!!!!”

          Sammie wasn’t really sure what was grabbing at Paws bepaws all he saw were some hands.  Well, whatever they were he didn’t seem like he wanted to let go.  Somehow, Sammie managed to get a hold of his tail and give him a yank which freed Paws but Paws ended up crashing into him and they ended up rolling down a long flight of stairs.      

          And we’re meowing about the big, windy, creaky stairs, not a straight shot.  Pawing right along…The boys landed at the foot of the stairs with a huge THUD!  Both were dazed and a little sore and panting like pups. 

          “Thanks for saving me,” meowed Paws catching his breath and giving a gulp.  “But did you really have to pull so hard?”  He massaged his poor tail.

          Sammie gave him a funny look.  “Are you meowing serious?”

          Ignoring the question, Paws stood up.  “Where in the meow are we?”  he asked.

          Sammie stood up, squinting, “It’s really dark down here,” he meowed with his whiskers twitching.  “There better not be spiders down here.”

          Paws was taking small paw-steps, getting more nervous with each passing second at the creaks.  Sammie too felt his ears popping up and whiskers popping out more.  As a meow of fact, they couldn’t stop twitching!! 

          Then out of nowhere, the door down the hall slowly opened!


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Castle Pawin'

Well, pals, you guys are smart kitties.  You saw the photo and you probably can just picture the courtyard.  It was dark, falling apart and you had ivy growing in every direction which made it seem like that if you were pawing around something could reach out and grab you and…squeeze….


          Scary imagery.

          Anyway, the kitties were silent.  It didn’t feel right to meow anything.  Sammie waited to see what Paws would do and just mimicked his pawsteps…

          One paw…



          Finally, with the shades of great Casey impatience, he yowled.  “Would you STOP DOING THAT!!!  You’re making my whiskers twitch.”

          Sammie was stunned.  “What are you being such a meowy jerk for?”

          “Why you,” Paws was ready to pounce on him but something reached through the wall and grabbed him!!!!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Do You Know Where Your Kitties Are?

          Then there was that other howl.

          “That sounds paw-fully close,” grumbled Paws looking up and seeing the- the- HOLY MEOWS!  A WOLF?  A GREAT BIG GRAY WOLF?  WHERE IN THE MEOW DID HE COME FROM?  The shock didn’t stick around too long bepaws he grabbed Sammie’s left front paw and they booked.

          Booked is a bit of an understatement.

          These boys ran.  We’re meowing full, paw-blazing speed that left their tracks smokin’!  It was hard to tell whether or not the wolf was following bepaws both were intent on literally getting the ‘fuzz’ out of there.

          After what seemed to be a million miles they stopped and took a breath.  “Do you think we lost him?”  Sammie asked, huffing and puffing. 

          Paws didn’t meow a word.  He was looking at where they ended up.  He couldn’t believe it!

          “What’s the matter with you?”  Sammie asked.  “Meow something.”

          He pointed up with his tail and Sammie then understood why  he was struck meow-less.

          They were in the middle of that creepy castle’s courtyard!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Yowls and Meee-yowls!

          Well, did the boys get ‘saucer eyes?’

          You’re meowing right they got saucer eyes!!!

          “Wha- what was that?”  Sammie meow-stuttered.  A meow-stutter is not a purr-ty thing.  It actually sounds like teeth clacking.

          Paws felt really funny.  It was kind of like a chill moved up his spine.  “Sounds like some kind of dog,” he meowed lamely.  He knew it wasn’t a dog but he didn’t want to scare his brother. 

          “That was no dog!”  Sammie yowled.

          “Okay, that was a wolf,” Paws answered.

          “Meeeee-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!  A wolf???” 

          There was the howl again, as if to confirm it.  Sammie turned as if he wanted to head up the tree but Paws grabbed his tail.  “Where in the meow are you going?”

          “Let go of me Big Paw!”  he yowled.  “I don’t want to be eaten by some wolf!”

          “Would you calm down!”  Paws yowled.

          Sammie responded to that by giving Paws a paw and the next thing you know they’re rolling around scratching and pawing each other, oblivious to the wolf that jumped on the boulder above them!