Thursday, March 26, 2020

Crystal Cave?

Paws, being the one with the mouth meowed it first.  “What in the meow is the Crystal Cave?”
          That’s when those goofy ‘burds’ started that cackling laugh again and started flapping their wings.  Paws and Tippy didn’t get the humor and Tippy was getting a little bit miffed at being mocked by a bunch of burds!  “You dudes shut-up!”  hey yowled or I’ll pull all of your tail feathers off and use them to make a feather bed for my sister, Fuzzy.”
          Did it work?  You’re meowing right it worked.  Why wouldn’t it?  You’d have to be a real dumbass not to.  The thought of losing a couple of tail feathers really wasn’t that appealing.  Tippy’s outburst did amuse the turtle dude though and don’t forget we call him that bepaws he has a weird name that no one can meow.  “The Crystal Cave is where the treasure is,” he announced.
          Tippy and Paws stared at each other in disbelief then the obvious question hit Paws.  “Why aren’t you with him?”
          The turtle dude looked confused for a second but then answered.  “I heard a rumor that 2 cats were on the beach, I came over to see what was up.”
          Paws’s whiskers twitched not believing the story but who in the meow was going to argue?  “Well, shorty,” he meowed, “let’s get going to the cave then!”

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Sammie's Caving

          The turtle dude?  You’re kidding, right?  It couldn’t be the turtle dude…
          Yeah, it was the turtle dude. 
          Paws meowed it first.  “What in the meow are you doing here?”
          “You two surprised to see me?”  he asked glibly.  As a meow of fact, he looked like he was grinning. 
          “Where’s Sammie?”  Paws asked looking behind the turtle-dude and all over the island.
          “He’ll be by later,” the turtle dude said. 
          “What do you mean he’ll be by later?”  Paws asked.  “That doesn’t make any sense.”
          “Don’t worry about the boot-cat,” the head flamingo dude said.  “He’s looking for the Crystal Cave.”
          Tippy and Paws looked at each other with whiskers straight out.  What in the meow was up with this?  Crystal Cave?????

Saturday, March 21, 2020

You'll Never Believe This...

          Paws did a flying leap and grabbed Tippy by the tail.  They ended up wrestling in the sand and Tippy was yowling, “No ‘burds!’  No ‘burds!’”  After a minute, they stood up ready to face the ‘burds’ but a huge wave crashed against the shore carrying them out to sea!
          What the meeee-ow is up with this?  Out to sea again???  How much water can these kitties take?  This was pawful but then, suddenly, both were lifted out the water!
          What in the meow is up with this? 
          One of the flamingos got a hold of them and took them back to the island.  He dropped them in the sand sputtering and coughing.  There was also something waiting for them too…
          The turtle dude!!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2020

No Escape

Tippy and Paws stared at each with mouths agape.  What in the meow could these ‘burds’ be yowling about?  “What do you mean-trouble?”  asked Paws.
          “You dudes are trapped here,” answered the head flamingo-dude.  “There’s no way to get off.”
          Both kitties looked around.  Not counting the water behind them, it was nothing but ‘burds.’  Pink ‘burds’ everywhere!  For two manly cats this was a nightmare-too much pink and too many ‘burds…’
          Paws tried to remain calm.  “There has too be a way off of here,” he meowed reasonably.
          That set the flamingos off into one of those cackling laughs again.  Poor Tippy!  The minute they started with that cackle he looked like he was going to have a nervous breakdown.  His eyes scanned the beach (which was rather narrow) and he saw a limb in the foam, ready to be carried out to sea.  “I’m not staying here!”  Tippy announced and he started to run towards that limb!