Friday, October 15, 2021

Haunted Pawing


          Why would Toni be so anxious to get into a haunted house for?  I have no meowing idea and what in the meow Toni was thinking but she seemed really anxious to get in there.  Paws’s eyes were huge but he wasn’t going to argue with her and Fuzzy didn’t have a problem with it either.  That was weird considering how much Fuzzy had just went through but oh meowy well-

          Pawing right along...

          The house was strangely placed, it seemed unbalanced.  A wind went through the windows and seemed like it the inside was just as windy.  The house was three stories and each pawing around movement made the typical creaky sound that gets you all tense and ready to leap 10 feet in the air.

          “You proud of yourself?”  Paws asked Toni. 

          “It’s pawsome in here,” she replied looking around.  “It’s like a real haunted house!”

          Fuzzy shook out her fur and twitched her whiskers.  “Meee-huh???”  she asked.  “It probably is a real haunted house!”  she meowed.

          “Don’t be silly,” she answered.  “It’s just one of those tourist sites.”

          Paws and Fuzzy looked at each other, amazed at how Toni was thinking.  “Did you get hit on the head?”  Paws asked her.

          Toni didn’t get a chance to answer bepaws a shining light appeared out of nowhere from upstairs!


Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The FUZZ Assessment


       They looked towards the trees and finally saw her in a stuck in an old oak tree.  Poor Fuzzy looked small and sore but she still had her purr-fect tail.  Paws noted that her paw looked really sore.

          “Fuzzy!”  yowled Toni with delight. 

          “Are you okay?”  Paws asked. 

          “Meee-ow, I think so,” she meowed. 

          “Are you able to get down?”  asked Paws. 

          “Yeah,” she meowed.  “Just give me a couple of minutes.”

          They watched her, expecting her to fall any second but Fuzzy was tough.  She was a survivor.  She was soon next to them and Toni was in paws-itive awe of her.

          “How did you do it?”  she asked.  “How did you survive that?”

          “I’m not sure,” Fuzzy meowed.  “I don’t even know how I got caught.”

          Paws was looking at her really strangely.  “Are you sure you’re okay?”

          “Yeah, I’m purry,” she answered, looking at the house.  “What house is this?”

          “How would I know?”  asked Paws.

          That’s when Toni meowed with gusto, “Let’s go and see what’s in it!”








Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Falling Fuzzy


“FUZZY!!!  FUZZY!” Toni and Paws shrieked, taking off again. Paws actually found some old corn on the ground and tossed it at the owl causing it to lose the grip on Fuzzy and she was falling- falling towards a really creepy house.  Soon, both the owl and Fuzzy were gone!

          Meee-ow what just happened here?  Let’s recap:  Paws pummeled an owl, which dropped Fuzzy towards a creepy house that was surrounded by dead trees.

          Meee-ow that sums it up alright.

          Toni and Paws were in front of that creepy house and Toni was just in awe.  “Where in the meow are we anyway?”

          “What does that mean?”  he asked.

          “Are we in Halloween-land?”  Toni asked seriously.  “This is all just too weird!”

          Paws eyed Toni strangely but didn’t say anything.  As a meow of fact, Paws was actually too busy looking for Fuzzy.  “FUZZY!!”  he yowled.

          “FUZZY!!!”  Toni yowled, feeling certain that Fuzzy’s beautiful tail was gone or she was just dead.  Poor Toni was such a pessimist.

          But after about 2 minutes they heard a weak meow from one of the old trees!









Monday, October 11, 2021

Start RUNNING Kitties!


          How could it be?  How?  How could they be on a tombstone?  Well, Paws wasn’t sticking around to find out and after each of them checked it out neither was the rest of the gang.  They took off- not sure where they were heading but determined to get the meow out of that cemetery.


          So, eventually all of them split up and Paws found himself with Toni pawing through the a cornfield.  A cornfield???  How in the meow was that paws-ible.  Well, Paws was still going strong at this point but Toni was limping.  “Keep going!  Keep going!”  she yowled.  “I’ll be okay!”

          Paws slowed down there was no way that he was leaving her alone.  The area was even more creepy.  The cornstalks were as high as some medium trees and covered the kitties in complete darkness.  There was an eerie silence and even once in awhile some wind.  Nothing seemed to be after them, it was just flat-out creepy. 

          “Where the meow are we?”  Toni asked with a gulp.  Poor Toni was so nervous that her whiskers were continuously twitching.  “You should’ve kept going,” she meowed.

          Paws ignored her, trying to figure out how in the meow to get out of this trouble.  There just had to be a path but everything just led back to more cornstalks! 

          Toni knew, right away, that he was worried.  “We’re trapped in a cornfield!”  she yowled.

          “Oh keep-“  he didn’t finish bepaws he was cut off by the sounds of wings flying above…


Friday, October 8, 2021

Yowling In The Night


          As Fuzzy was running, the gang was still looking at themselves with horror.  Where was Fuzzy?  Fuzzy just had to be around? 

          “SHE GOT EATEN BY THE OWL!”  Hank wailed, sounding very sure.  “Poor Fuzzy got eaten by the owl!”

          Toni started to cry and Paws and the rest of the boys (except for Sammie) started yowling, “FUZZY!!!  FUZZY!  Where are you?”

          Paws turned around trying to find Sammie who had pawed back over to the huge headstone.  “What are you doing?”  he asked.  “Why aren’t you calling for Fuzzy?”

          Sammie didn’t answer, he was transfixed on that headstone.  His whiskers were twitching, and he looked like he was under a spell.  Paws was about to lose his temper.  He pawed over to see what the big deal was and that’s when he saw it-

          Then he started yowling…






Thursday, October 7, 2021

The Chase


      Fuzzy, if you remember, correctly was stuck in the woods with the biggest, meanest looking owl she ever saw!  The eyes were, at first small, but then over a period of minutes they got BIGGER AND BIGGER AND BIGGER.  It started spinning his head like a top and stretched out the wings.  This owl had wings that had to be close to 6 feet long!


          But when the owl opened his mouth and showed his fangs, Fuzzy shrieked turned and ran as fast as she could but she could hear the owl coming after her!!!