Thursday, July 29, 2021

The News


      This didn’t sound good.  When in the meow did anyone say ‘I have some news for you’ have good news?  Fur was going on up and tails were swishing.  Frankie, who was off to the left, grazing, even stuck his head up to see what was going on.  Finally, Paws was the one that meowed it.  “What happened?”

          That set off the waterfall.  “Where’s Hank?”  Fuzzy asked.

          “I want to see Hank!”  Sammie yowled.

          Toni started to cry, Mike and Tigger even started yowling.  Tippy in the meantime was yowling, “Hank!!!!!  Hank where are you???’
          Harry let them go for a few minutes and then said it…

          “He’s dead.”

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Back to Hank

   So, what happened???  I know, I know you’ve been waiting.  Well, it was a long journey and Frankie was going as fast as a racehorse.  Meee-ow Sammie and Tigger even fell off a couple of times but they, finally, made it back to the hippo area, dusty, soaked from sweat and amazed how fast Frankie ran.  What was really weird was how Harry was there to meet them.

          As Frankie caught his breath, Fuzzy, literally, ran up to Harry.  “We’re finally back,” she meowed.  “How’s Hank?”

          With a weird expression on his face, Harry said, “I have some news for you.”

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Paw Note

 Meeee-ow pals!  Fuzzy the cat here and meeee-ow- there's plenty to catch-up on but let me share some meowy photos from the Cleveland Zoo!

Photo one: Mountain Zebra

Photo two: One of their 3 Amur Tiger cubs. This might be the one that had the eye operation.

Photo three: Their pawsome Fishing Cat

Friday, July 23, 2021

Paw Note

     Meeee-ow pals!  Fuzzy here and we are pleased to meow that Mom's mom is doing fine.  She just has to be monitored by a doc (blood pressure) and it seems like everything's going to work out great.  Thank you and lots of purrs for the well-wishes it was much a-purr-ciated!

Cautious Tippy


          They’re all staring at Tippy at this point.  “What’s the problem?”  Paws asked.

          “I’m not digging anything,” he meowed, trying to look tough.

          Fuzzy couldn’t believe this.  Poor Fuzzy, she was extremely frazzled at this point.  “Why are you trying to be such goof for?”  she asked.

          “There’s no way I’m touching it!”  he answered.  “I don’t wanna die.”

          Uh-oh Frankie was back to snorting.  He also stomped his front legs into the ground.  “If you want Hank to live, you pick a couple pieces of it up.”

          Whether it was the tone or the fact Tippy didn’t like Frankie’s snorting, he did and much to his relief, paw-viously, nothing happened.  “Now what?”  he asked Frankie.

          “Hold onto it and get on,” he said sitting down so the gang could climb on.  “We’re running out of time and we have to hurry!”