Saturday, June 23, 2018

Doubt Time

id you guys ever hear of a place called Fish Island?” he asked.

            While the other part of the gang was on the other side of the world trying to figure out how in the meow to get out of the mess they were in, Fish Island was ready to rock or getting ready that is.  It seemed like that many, many animals were coming to the paw-ty.  As a matter of fact, it seemed like any animal that was free was heading to the island for fun.

            Now, wait a meow-minute!

            How was that even paws-ible?

            Isn’t Fish Island kind of on the small side?  I’m sure you pictured it that way.  After all, how much space do these kitties need?  Meeee-ow… In the end, what did it matter?  I’m no mapmaker or a landscape person but it was paw-mazing how the island seemed to expand to suit all guests and ‘paw-ty’ animals.

            But hold your whiskers!  There’s another huge question to consider!

            How in the meow did everybody find out about this paw-ty?

            Well, that answer actually has a purry, easy answer.  Hank.  Mee-huh?  You heard it right, Hank.  Hank, who seemed like he needed some fun had been swimming all over the place telling everyone and everything that Fish Island was free of those stupid birds and it was time to paw-ty till dawn!  Hank had Pony Express beaten by a longshot.  Meeee-ow.

            Casey was worried though.  About what?  Well, the answer was paw-vious.  He couldn’t figure out what happened to the rest of the purry gang.  It didn’t seem like it would be much of a paw-ty without them. 

            “We should go look for them,” he meowed to the Mayor.

            The Mayor looked at him like he was demented.  “Whut iz you nutz?  We can’t goes backz there.”

            Casey’s whiskers twitched.  “Why can’t we?”

            “Bepaws it’s a stupid idea,” the Mayor answered. 

            Casey was getting mad.  “You’ve been rolling around in the pickled fish, haven’t you?”

            The Mayor looked at him strangely.  “You iz imagining stuff.”

            “Then why aren’t you worried about them?”  he asked.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Partier

            I know, I know. 

            Who could believe it?

            A Russian bear can fix boats?  Now go meow on that.

            As stated, the big question was where in the meow were they going to find this dude?

            The Amur Leopard, whose name happened to be Andy (and meee-ow it was good to finally get a name out of this dude) really wasn’t helpful with that.  “This dude is a partier,” he said.  “It’s tough to tell where he might be.”

            Meeee-ow… did we actually hear this right?  A partying, boat-repairing bear?


            Oookay, we got that out of our system, so let’s paw along here. 

            “When’s the last time you saw him?”  asked Captain Jack, trying to humor Andy and did you really blame him?  Who wants to tick off an Amur Leopard?

            Andy’s tail swished.  “Probably 2 weeks ago.”

            Barney thought he was going to freak.  2 weeks?  2 MEOWING WEEKS?  What in the meow were they supposed to do, just sit around and wait until they become tiger food.  Barney was about ready to say something really smart but Fuzzy stopped him with a very reasonable question…

            “Where do you think he is?”  she asked.

            His whiskers did that perfect-perky antenna thing.  You could see the lightbulb over his head, practically.  “I remember now!”  he said.  “He was going to some island.”

            Baby was even getting to the impatient point here.  “Why in the meow would a bear go to an island?”

            Barney was steamed and we’re meowing Fred Flintstone steamed.  “You’re making this up,” he meowed to Andy.

            Andy was flabbergasted at how mad everyone was.  “I’m not I swear.”

            “Then where did he go?”  asked Captain Jack.

            “Did you guys ever hear of a place called Fish Island?” he asked.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Laughing Leopard

            That, not surprisingly, set him laughing again.  No one will ever realize how relieved Fuzzy was that everything was going so well.  She never thought she could get this dude in a good mood.  “Hey mister- when you get your breath could you help me out with something?”

            The leopard stopped and got serious in seconds.  “What?”

            “Do you think you could help us out with the boat?”  she asked.

            That set him off again.  What in the meow was this?  The dude was literally the laughing leopard.  “What makes you think I’d know about boats?”

            That was a meowy good question but what in the fur did Fuzzy have to lose?  She was kind of indignant at this point.  “You don’t have to laugh at everything,” she meowed in a huffy tone with whiskers twitching.  “You could point me and my pals to somebody.”

            The Amur Leopard felt guilty at this point. “That’s true,” he agreed with the tail swishing.  Suddenly, he looked up at the rest of the gang, who was giving them goo-goo eyes.  “You cats come down,” he said.  “It’s all good.”

            The gang didn’t move.  Do you blame them?  Would you really trust the Amur Leopard?  Finally, Fuzzy yowled, “WOULD YOU CATS COME DOWN!”

            All of them, literally, did the slinking method down.  Captain Jack was trying to act like a tough guy though.  “What were you doing on the shore?”  he asked the leopard.

            The leopard was surprised.  He actually thought he’d get a ‘what’s a what’s your name,’ question first.  “I was waiting for another cat.” 

            There was a lot of giggle purrs at this point.  It seemed like that Captain Jack’s boat interrupted a date.  Fuzzy tried to steer the conversation on track.  “Who can fix the boat?”

            “How would he know anything about it?”  Barney asked.

            “Would you shut-up!”  Baby yowled.  “Maybe we can have a chance to get out of here.”

            “Bobby,” the leopard said out of the blue.  “Bobby can help.”

            All of the cats just looked at each other and meowed, “Bobby?”

            The leopard gave another chuckle.  “Bobby’s a bear,” he said.  “He can fix purr-ty much anything.”

Monday, June 18, 2018

Fuzzy and the Amur Leopard

            Barney who had been watching the leopard the whole time just had his whiskers and tail stick straight out.  “NO HE WON’T!!!”  he yowled.  “Fuzzy’s down there!”


            Fuzzy went where???

            Meee-ow you heard it right!!!  She was headed straight for the big dude too!  Holy meows!  What in the meow was she trying to prove?  The kitties started yowling and growling, however Fuzzy kept, literally, fuzzing, right up to the leopard.  Holy meows the leopard didn’t even seem interested in attacking either!

            “Whatchya doing?”  Fuzzy asked innocently, trying to maintain her inner fuzziness.

            The Amur Leopard was, like the kitties on the boat, stunned by this whole thing.  “What are you doing kitty?”

            “You know,” Fuzzy meowed, “it’s actually good to see you.  My human thinks that you cats are critically endangered.”

            Now, picture a bunch of fat kitties on a boat just staring down and watching this with stuck-out whiskers and open mouths.  Who really knew what to meow after this? 

            The Amur Leopard looked flabbergasted by this statement.  “What’s that mean?”  he asked indignantly.

            Fuzzy’s whiskers twitched.  “About the critically endangered? That means you’re almost gone.”

            The dude did a funny think when he heard that, he rolled backwards and started doing that laugh/purr thing.  (Who knew leopards could purr?)  There was no denying it the dude found it hysterical.  Why would he? Who in the meow knows really- the feline world knew in general that leopards had a weird sense of humor and this just proved it. 

            Fuzzy though wasn’t afraid to meow the inevitable.  “What’s so funny?”

            The leopard sat up.  “Why do humans think that?”

            Fuzzy’s tail swished.  “How in the meow do I know?  I ain’t no human.”

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Greeter

“FOOL OUT OF MYSELF?”  Barney meowed.  “You sound like a meowin’ human whisker-head!”

            Baby wasn’t in the mood to be fooled with and she had a history of major Barney conflict.  (That could be a blog in itself.)  In other meows- it was taking Baby every bit of willpower she had not to claw Barney’s eyes out.  She did do something interesting though, she scanned the coastline and MEEEE-OW she saw something meowy interesting.  “How about I push you down to that dude?”  she asked using her tail to point and the shore.

            All of the cats, including Captain Jack, looked down and MEEEEE-OW! Sitting there was the biggest Amur Leopard in the history of Amur Leopards.  MOL.  Surprised are you?  I bet you thought I was going to say that tiger (from yesterday) was there licking his lips.  Actually, he was supposed to be but he ended up going on a late date- literally!!!

            Paw-viously, you can’t tell but the blood drained out of Barney’s face.  “Da-dah-”

            Captain Jack was, surprisingly, amused.  “What’s the matter big boy?  None of us have your tongue.”

            Baby smacked Captain Jack with her tail.  “That was weak.”

            His whiskers twitched.  “Maybe you think so but-”

            He was cut off by a really loud growl/roar that made the boat shook.  All eyes went back on the leopard, who was just sitting there peacefully with a smirk on his face.

            “Did-did he do that?”  Baby asked, no one in paw-ticular.

            “I dunno,” meowed Barney.  “I never ran into one of these dudes!”

            Captain Jack glanced down at the leopard.  “That’s a big dude,” he meowed casually.

            Oh meee-ow Captain Jack the rocket scientist.  “No kidding!”  Barney yowled.  “What are we gonna do?”

            Captain Jack’s whiskers twitched.  “He’ll go away eventually.”

            Baby doubted it but she tried to remain hopeful.  “Do you really think so?”

            “Sure,” he meowed.  “He’ll have to eat soon, don’t ya think?”