Monday, July 6, 2020

Weird News

The kitties stared at each other with huge eyes and Hank’s mouth, literally, fell so far that it hit the sand which caused his to swallow some of it which caused him to have a huge coughing fit.  A coughing hippo isn’t a pretty hippo bepaws Hank ended up turning into a wind tunnel.  One cough from Hank ended up sending Smokey, Vince, Casey and several other kitties 100 yards.  Hank had to, immediately, go under water to clear his throat.  When he came up he spit out water like Old Faithful and then said, “Volcano???”

          The kitties were just a little soaked from Hank’s geyser act but Vince managed to meow out, “Yeah a volcano.”

          Barney seemed somewhat meow-shocked by this.  “Where in the meow is a volcano?”  he asked Vince.

          “The north,” he meowed, shaking out his fur.  “It’s haunted too!!!”

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Missing Fish Island Kitties


          To see Hank get all of that love was really cute and actually really funny.  He got a big dopey smile on his face and you could tell that his bad mood had vanished.  Smokey, who dried off pretty quickly, didn’t even seem that annoyed with him either.

          When the kitties stepped back Hank lifted his head up to study the crowd.  “You cats are purr-fectly cool in my book,” he said.

          “Maybe you could help us out,” Vince meowed, looking at Casey, Smokey and then at Hank.  “A bunch of kitties that lived here disappeared.”

          Casey’s whiskers stood out and Smokey’s eyes bugged out.  Barney and Baby even gave a little gasp.  Hank even made a weird noise.  It was Smokey that got it out.  “Meee-huh???   What happened?”

          Vince looked at the other kitties, kicked his paws in the sand and just meowed it, “We think that about 7 of them fell into a volcano!”

Friday, July 3, 2020

Embracing Hank

          Smokey landed in the water with a huge splat but managed to pop up immediately since she was relatively close to shore.  “What in the meow is your problem?”  she asked. 

          “I’m no trained seal,” Hank snorted glaring at the gang.  “If these cats don’t want me around- I’m leaving!”

          “Wait!!!!”  Casey yowled.  “Don’t be like this!  He turned towards the Barney, Baby and the shadows of the hiding cats.  “You cats are being stupid.  Hank’s the best pal that anyone could have.  Come on out and see.”

          Whether it was curiosity or Casey’s tone the cats cautiously pawed out with wide eyes.  A sleek, black cat who introduced himself as Vince came the close to the shore and called out.  “It’s nice to meow with you Hank.”

          Now, that ended up calming the big guy down bepaws he turned around and came ashore.  He lured his head and the next thing you know Vince and the rest of the cats were patting him on the head!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Defending Hank

          Smokey couldn’t believe it.  “Where in the meow did all of you go?”  she yowled.

          Casey, on the other paw, was more disgusted.  “Barney, get your fat butt out here!!!”

          As if on cue Barney stuck his head out from some kind of weird tropical bush.  “They won’t come out until Hank goes away.”

          Poor Hank, who finally caught his breath, perked right up when he heard that.  “Huh?  You’re kidding.”

          “Nobody’s coming out until Hank goes away,” Barney meowed again.

          Casey was fuming by this point.  He pawed over to Barney and, literally, gave him a paw across the face.  “What in the meow is your problem?  Hank’s not going anywhere!”  he yowled.

          “I’m just giving a message,” Barney meowed trying to get a cheap paw in on Casey’s whiskers with no luck. 

          Smokey was running out of patience too.  “Hey kitties come on out!  Hank’s not going to hurt anybody!!  Come on out and see!!!”  she pawed over to him and climbed back up.  “I’m going to show you what fun you can have with him!”