Monday, March 2, 2015

Back on the Road

          Well, did they get in?  Of course they did!  They weren’t stupid kitties, we’re meowing about highly intelligent kitties but you knew that already.  Anyway all of them leapt in and Tommy somehow steered them out of there with Baby putting both paws on the gas.  Let me put it to you this way, the screeching could be heard for miles.

          All of the kitties were silent for a bit and to tell you the truth, they had every reason to be.  Just think about what just happened- no matter how you felt about Ace you never wanted to see him eaten up by a bulldog.  Finally, believe it or not, Ace was the one who broke the silence.  “Maybe I better drive,” he meowed out.  Note, it wasn’t his usual forceful meow. 

          That got Casey’s whiskers perked.  “You’re kidding, right?”  he meowed.  “If anybody is going to drive around here, it’s going to be me.”

          Smokey waited for the inevitable, which means she thought Ace was going to scratch his eyes out but the funny thing is, he just kinda shrugged, curled in a ball and went to sleep.  After about two minutes, you heard one of those relaxed type purrs that indicated he was in some kind of sound sleep.

          Barney looked a little worried.  “Maybe we should get him to a doctor,” he meowed.

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  1. ace...wood knot bee a bad eye dea ta getz a chex dawg had like cootteez ore sum thin...

    .ya due knot hafta go ta a VET coz purry cute kittehz haza inn side...source ...on gettin help for kittehs !! ♥♥♥