Thursday, March 23, 2017


Guess what?

It wasn't Hank.

It wasn't Frank or Carla.

It wasn't one of the rhinos that were still looking for these kitties.

It was Andy!


Andy?  Yeah it was Eddie's little brother who came out of the dust, looking somewhat jolly.


Andy and Eddie's mom pawed up to him and gave him a big version of a Pallas Cat hug.  After the momentary shock wore off and Andy saw everyone standing there staring at him, his eyes turned huge.  "Who are you guys?  Are you guys the mafia?"


How in the meow would a Pallas Cat know about the mafia?  Well, who in the meow knows?  Maybe he watches to much tv or something.  Casey answered him seriously though, "We were looking for you."

His eyes got bigger.  We're meowing the size of boulders now.  "Like those other small kitties?"

Tippy, Sammie and Toni!  Everybody was excited now!  "Where are they?" Barney meowed.

He used his puffy tail to point the way he came.  "They're all down there and they're in big trouble!!"

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Around the Corner

Don't get excited...

Boomer didn't see Smokey...

We wish that he saw Smokey but poor Boomer was just flat-out scared.  He could've thought a bat flying around was Smokey.  Who knows?  But his initial report bought screams from Baby, hysterics from Daisy, bewilderment from the lions, get the picture...

The Mayor did have to give him a tail smack to calm him down.  "Youz didn't seez Smokey! Whutz the matter with youz!"

Right after he meowed that, something did come out from around the corner!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Wake-Up Kitty!!!

There was one collective meow-shriek and it was so loud it pierced the ears.  Boomer's fainting didn't last long though- the Mayor pulled him up by his tail.

"Whutz youz doingz? he yowled.  "Whutz did uz see?"

Boomer, who was still in a daze, just kind of looked at every cat with a funny expression.  His whiskers started twitching.  His nose was twitching too and Casey wondered, for a second, if his face was literally going to drop off of his face.  Who really knows what he was thinking?  He wanted to meow something and he wanted to meow it loud.  Finally, Baby had enough and went behind him and pulled his tail to snap him out of it.

That's when he meowed it...

The shock of the world...

No one expected it! 

"Smokey!!!" he yowled.  "I saw Smokey!!!!!!"

Monday, March 20, 2017

And Boomer Meows...

And I know what you want to know...

Bepaws I want to know!

What did Boomer meow?

Well, when he pawed out of that light everybody was just kind of looking at him with awe.  It was like he was some kind of ghost.  His fur was standing up on edge and well- did you ever see that Porky Pig cartoon with Sylvester the cat, when they stayed in a creepy house and all of these mice were acting like executioners?  Well, if you did- you might remember that Sylvester turned as white as a sheet and his fur went in every different direction.  That's what Boomer looked like and if you hadn't seen the cartoon it doesn't matter bepaws I'm sure you get the point.

I mean if you were a cat and there were evil mice around like that-you'd be scared too!

Pawing along...

Boomer came up to all of the cats and just kind of stood there.  The Mayor, who had buggy eyes by this point, meowed, "WHAT IN THE MEOW HAPPENED???"

"Ma-ma-meow-meeeeeee," he stammered and then...

And then...

He passed out!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Pawin' In a Daze

Isn't this out of hand?

It's meowy- but HILARIOUS!  You never know what's going to be meowed out next!  Anyway- what was the scream- it was Leo's boys- who came charging out of nowhere.  Before anyone could see it, Leo's whole clan was back together. (The kittens were still missing.)  Everybody was huffing and puffing.  Baby ad Daisy were hysterical!  "Whutz happened?"  the Mayor yowled.  Casey was trying to calm every cat down and then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere-

Boomer pawed out in a combination light/fog.