Saturday, September 14, 2019

What's With the Fuzz?

          Fuzzy just stared at Paws like he was from outer space.  He didn’t get it.  What was up with her anyway?  “Did you hear what I meowed?”

          “Sure I heard you, you goof,” she answered.  “We were on an adventure.”

          “Where are Barney and Toni?”  he asked, feeling a little concerned.  He hadn’t seen Toni in awhile and he missed her, it was that ‘twin’ thing you know.  In case you didn’t realize it, Paws and Toni did look exactly alike.  The only difference being their shape but I digress.

          Pawing right along…

          Paws was getting a little impatient with the Fuzz.  “What’s the matter with you?  You look like you’re stoned on some kind of weird catnip.”

          She let out a funny purr.  “Stoned,” she meowed, “that’s true!”

          Then she rolled over and passed out!

Friday, September 13, 2019

A Fuzzy Return


          It was Fuzzy!  But we knew that already, right?  It was a cold, wet Fuzzy whose teeth were chattering.  Her eyes widened at the site of Blackie.  “Mom!!!”  she meowed.

          Blackie was equally shocked.  Who in the meow knew for sure the last time she saw Fuzzy?  “Fuzzy?”

          “Mom!!!”  yowled Fuzzy happily jumping up and knocking Blackie over.  It was sort of like Dino knocking over Fred in the Flintstones.  Blackie didn’t seem really amused though, she squirmed away quickly.

          “You got me wet,” she meowed indignantly.

          “You were already wet,” Paws answered with disgust.  “What’s with the attitude towards Fuzzy.”

          Blackie’s whiskers twitched and soon she disappeared, presumably to hang with Hank.  Who knew for sure?  Blackie was one weird kitty.  But it gave Paws an opening, “Fuzzy, where- what- how did you get here?”

Monday, September 9, 2019

Sliding Hank

          You have to me pullin’ my tail…


          You got it.  Rain and it was that big drop, side-to-side rain that fell so fast that it hurt the fur when it came down.  Blackie, who had a coat that any cat could die for, started shrieking and the kitties immediately raced towards her to make one of those protective furballs.  However, they were lucky.  Hank started to slide and meeee-ow before the kitties knew it they were on land.

          Hank was exhausted.  It seems like right after he slid on the land, he immediately started snoring.  In the meantime, the kitties were desperate to get out of the rain.  “What are we gonna do?”  Tippy wailed.

          Paws looked around, desperately, and saw the answer right away.  “Head for the cave!”  he yowled.

          The kitties had no problem with that and you’ll never believe who was inside….

Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Hank Express

          Holy meows it’s been a couple of days and I bet you think poor Sammie has drowned by now!


          Hank plowed, dived and rumbled to Sammie.  He managed to pick him up by the tail and fling him in a way that he landed *SPLAT* right on his back.  Now, it was even a miracle that Tippy, Paws and Blackie were still hanging onto Hank but somehow these kitties proved that they rocked in the tough department.

          Paws couldn’t believe it.  He thought Sammie was a goner for sure.  Questions were racing.  What in the meow happened to the boat?  Where was the gang?  But paw-viously, he couldn’t ask anything bepaws Hank was plowing along and the nearest island looked like it was really far away.  Will Hank be able to get there in time?  Paws sure hoped so bepaws it was starting to rain…

Saturday, September 7, 2019

A Great Paw Note

First thing, back to fun tomorrow.

Second thing, and this is good news, the horrible situation involving Fuzzy's real dad has been resolved.  I managed to talk to a parent of the kid's in question who were horrified at the kids were playing on the unsafe property.  I was reassured that it wouldn't happen anymore.  Now, I also informed this person not to worry about the abandoned cat and I was reassured that no one at their house would do anything to the cat.  At this time, I have to go with this person's word.  Now, with all of that being said...

I have suspicions but no absolute proof.  Rest assured that if an incident does happen with any dog- I will take care of it.  My eyes are always open and no one will hurt any stray here.  In the meantime, for all he's been through Fuzzy's real dad (who I renamed Patches) looks pretty good.  He just wants to eat and relax.  He's used to being outside and is extremely street smart.  He'll be fine on my family's property. I'm feeding him and he's not bothering anyone.  I believe the kitty just wants to be left in peace and as for right now he will be.

Thanks to everybody for concern!! Much appreciated!