Friday, July 20, 2018

The Build-Up

            Now, I bet you’re wondering how the Mayor and Darlene did with the tango. 

            Don’t you wish there was some kind of video?

            I know I do but meeee-ow sometimes you don’t have any luck!

            As for the tango itself…

            It started out well.  Well might’ve actually been to tame of a word.  The tango, for humans, is a pawsitively sexy dance and these two dove into it with whiskers twitching and tails flying.  Paws were entwined and the steps were slow and careful.  Meee-ow, what was up with this?  And how did the Mayor get to be such a great dancer?  Meee-ow that Darlene was one meow of a teacher.

            Or was she?

            In other meows, things got out of hand paw-most immediately.  These two got so sexy that the judges applied an old tradition that hadn’t been used in the contest for years.  What was it you meow?  They got out the hose?  The Mayor and Darlene were hosed down so much that they looked like wet pups but the hose had to go on extra powerful to get them to cease.


            Proof again that there’s only so much of the romance thing a cat can stand.

            We were getting down to zero hour though.  Soon the contest rolled into the forties.  Toni was getting nervous.  She would love to have some catnip but meeee-ow Hank was really getting on her nerves.  How in the meow could he be so calm and what in the meow was she thinking???  A cat couldn’t dance with a hippo!

            Soon- she heard it and her whiskers literally popped out.

            A long black cat named Jason came out and meowed, “Cats and kitties- how about using those paws to cheer on the last couple- Toni and Hank the Hippo!!!”

            It was showtime!

Thursday, July 19, 2018


Well, guess what?  It got weird.

            Did any of you ever try to picture cats dancing before this?  No- well, don’t feel bad- I didn’t either.  To be purr-fectly honest the gang never thought of it before now.  Meee-ow, it seems like the word ‘contest’ definitely motivated everyone!

            Cats in a dance contest brings images of hooked tails and twitching whiskers which means Hank and Toni on the floor should be one meow of a thing to see.  Now, I know what you’re thinking- despite the fact that most couldn’t wait to see them- you’d think a couple of smart-alecky cats would try to get them disqualified but there was literally nothing in the rule book saying that Toni couldn’t dance with a hippo!

            Hank was as cool as a cucumber.  “We’ve got this covered,” he announced.  “Don’t worry.”

            Toni’s overall excitement was now a bunch of nerves.  “Maybe this wasn’t a good idea,” she meowed.

            He gave her a head bump.  “Don’t worry about it,” he said. 

            Toni was in meow-shock over the head bump.  “What was that for?”

            “That’s part of the routine, kid!”  Hank announced.

            Toni was confused at this point and meee-ow the wait was driving her crazy!  There was all kinds dancing going on- slow, jazzy, rock, tango? 

            Wait a meow-minute!

            A tango?

            Who in the meow could be doing a tango?

            Well, here’s a surprise.  The Mayor and Darlene showed up.  It was paw-mazing really bepaws it was all over the place that they were so obsessed with each other that who knew if they would ever be seen again.  The thing was- who in the meow knew that the Mayor could dance let alone do the tango.

            Just stop and think about it.  The Mayor was out there with a little hottie, doing the tango.



Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Let's Dance!

“Dance?”  he asked, confused.  “I can do that!”  Casey then preceded to wiggle his tail and shake out his legs.  The next thing you know he fell on his face.  Joey, who had been watching this, started laughing/purring and the next thing you know he fell over Casey and both of them were passed out!

Toni couldn’t believe it!!  What in the meow was she supposed to do?  The entire island seemed to be paired up.  As a meow of fact, Mayor Tony was even holding tails with Daisy.  Daisy?  Daisy was even paired with somebody?

Meee-ow, what was she supposed to do? 

            That’s when that big, booming voice shouted out, “Whassuh matter, little kitty?”

            Toni turned around to face Hank!  Hank!?  Wait a meow-minute- where in the meow had he been?  Meee-ow there was no time for this.  “I need a partner for the dance contest!”  Toni announced.

            What would a hippo know about dancing?  However, Hank, as you know was no ordinary hippo.  When Toni meowed out the word ‘dance’ his face lit up.  “I love to dance!”  he exclaimed.

            Now, I know what you humans are thinking.  How can a hippo dance?  Well, I have no idea.  If I did, I’d submit a video but right now, we’ll have to take Hank’s word for it. 

            “Let’s go sign up!”  Toni exclaimed.  “We have to hurry bepaws it might be too late!”

            It turns out that registering was no problem but meee-ow did the 2 get the looks.  There were 50 other couples and Toni and Hank were the only mixed couple.  They would be the last two on and meeee-ow everyone on Fish Island couldn’t wait to see what they were going to do!

            “What do you think we should do?”  Toni asked.  She was feeling really nervous.  Why in the meow did they have to be last?  There would be way to much thinking going on.

            Hank seemed very smug.  “Don’t you worry about it,” he said.  “I’ve been in a lot of contests and we’ll win for sure.”

            A hippo and a fat kitty in a dance contest…

            Now how weird was this really going to get?

Monday, July 16, 2018

Paw-ty Time

In the meantime back on Fish Island…         

            I bet you’re thinking that Casey and Joey jumped on a boat to head towards the gang.  After all, they were genuinely worried and Joey did have the urge for some kind of adventure.  Well, guess again…

            Casey and Joey were actually paw-tying.  Funny how priorities change, huh?  Well, a special catnip/fish tropical drink also helped with that.  Casey also figured that everybody was clever enough to find there way to Fish Island.  Why he thought that who knows?  But when a kitty gets a little tipsy on a special Fish Island drink who knows what their reasoning is on anything!

            Pawing right along…

            How was the Mayor doing with his love interest?  Well, nobody seems to know.  He never came back from his kitty escapades with the gorgeous Darlene.  Rumors were flying that they weren’t coming back either.  Apparently, the dude was hooked!  Now, what about Toni?  What was she up to?  Well…

            Toni found herself having a blast at this paw-ty.  As a matter of fact, she found herself pawing her way into the dancing.  As hard as this is for you to believe, Toni (despite the chubby belly) seemed to be one meowy good dancer.  Okay, I see you scratching your head.  Cats dancing?  Well, you have to let your imagination run wild bepaws the next thing you know there was an announcement for a dance contest!


            Toni was excited yet nervous.  She was also worried.  Where in the meow was she going to find a partner?  She had to find Casey or the Mayor.  Well, it wasn’t to hard to find Casey.  He was hanging by the punch bowl.  He didn’t even recognize Toni by this point.

            “What you want kid?”  he asked fuzzily with whiskers twitching.

            “I need a partner for the dance contest!”  she meowed excitedly.  “C’mon help me!”


Sunday, July 15, 2018


Okay pals, we're paw-in today bepaws the human is stumped.  What in the meow are you talking about?  Well, the human could use some advice...

As a lot of you know Blackie...

is the mother of Fuzzy and the gang.  Now, here's Fuzzy's real dad...

He lives down the road.  Apparently, Blackie seems like she's fallen back in love with this dude.  Here's the kicker- Blackie's been fixed for 2 years.  Any idea why she'd fall back in love with this dude?