Saturday, November 16, 2019

A Surprise- Maybe?

          Toni was nose to nose with the lion and she was nervous.  Who in the meow wouldn’t be?  She was trying to stand tough though.  Her legs were firm, tail was up and her whiskers were sticking straight out.  She was trying to be a tough, little chubby cat but she blew her image with a big gulp.

          The lion picked up Toni by the back of the neck and she started shrieking.  Shrieking might be a bit of an understatement.  Toni was making noises that she didn’t even know that she could.  Her paws were waving and she was trying to scratch his nose but the lion did a really weird thing.  He laughed.


          “Kid,” he roared, “calm down.”  He put her back on the ground.  “It’s me Leo.”

Thursday, November 14, 2019

More Cats

          Toni braced herself, waiting for a huge tiger to come out but believe it or not a lion popped out!


          It was a lion- a large male lion with a big mane and a long tail.  It did an enormous leap and landed about 5 feet in front of Toni and after about a second Toni let out a strange shriek that sounded like a kid screaming and put those chubby legs in motion heading back towards the beach.  She was 99% sure that she’d end up this lion’s lunch but she heard the lion yowl, “Hey kid!  Wait a minute!!”

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Guess Who?

          It was a tiger cub.


          You heard me.  It was a tiger cub and meeee-wow you could tell that the cub never saw a cat like Toni before bepaws the little guy’s eyes were huge.  So, picture Toni staring down a tiger cub, each with big eyes and swishing tails.  Toni was trying to be cool and she could tell the cub was too.  But when Toni’s whiskers started to twitch that ended up freaking the tiger cub out who did a strange, little jump backwards and ran off to the nearby forest. 

          Toni couldn’t believe it.  How in the meow could the little dude be upset by a twitch of the whiskers?  She pawed along after him but then in the distance she heard a loud roar!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Pawing Around!

Land???  This was pawsome!

          Even though she was tired, Toni let that tail go full steam ahead and somehow made it to the land rapidly.  Basically, it’s purr-ty paw-mazing what a little chubby kitty can do when she puts her mind to it but I digress. 

          Toni’s boat hit the land with a thud and she literally tumbled out of it into a pile of sand.  Spitting the sand out of her mouth and twitching it off her whiskers she pawed on just curious about her location.  There was no fear going through the cat, affectionately known as ‘Chub.’  As a meow of fact, she was pawing around like she owned the island.

          Now, Toni seemed to be at an interesting location.  It had the feel of a tropical island yet the strange feeling of creepiness that their Halloween paw-ty place was on.  She expected something to jump out at her at any second and guess what?

          She got her wish.

          And she couldn’t believe it!


Friday, November 8, 2019

Paw Note

Okay pals, we've had weird Internet problems in the last couple of days.  The human has had to download all kinds of stuff back on the computer, etc.  We kitties haven't gone anywhere.  Everything's cool (literally).  We're looking to have stuff back to normal tomorrow or Sunday.
Thanks for being patient!!!