Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Toni Flies!

          I know you’ve been waiting for it.  What grabbed Toni?  Would you believe it was an octopus?


          You heard me- an octopus.  It was a genuine octopus and Toni found herself starting at his strange face and all of those legs.  Before she could start screaming though, the octopus did a really weird thing…

          It took Toni and started swinging her around really fast and then flung her across the water.  A dizzy Toni was screaming as she flew through the air and landed SPLAT right into a sand pile.

          “Toni!!!!”  Barney yowled, running up to her.  “What happened?  Where were you?”

          Poor Toni was so dizzy that she didn’t realize where she was for about a minute.  She tried to stand but she landed on her butt. 

          Fuzzy, who had been watching the whole event from the shore, was meowing excitedly, “Was that an octopus??”

          Toni looked at Fuzzy, blinking rapidly, trying to get the sand out of her eyes.  Her brain was completely scrambled and she was starting to get this huge headache.  To top it all off, Fuzzy wouldn’t shut-up!

          “Meee-ow!”  Fuzzy yowled.  “Your jet ski washed up and we all thought you drowned.”

          That’s when Toni did a strange thing, she opened her mouth and let out a blood-curdling screech!!!

Monday, January 20, 2020

Toni's Ride

          A dolphin.  Toni, literally, landed on a dolphin.  Who in the meow knows where her jet ski went but anyway…

          Toni was now on the back of a dolphin and all of you know how chubby Toni is- so you can imagine the dolphin’s shock of a fat cat landing on his back.  He actually started making weird noises and started going in and out of the water faster than usual.  Being a cat, naturally, Toni wasn’t too happy about this.

          “Meeeeeeee-stop!!!! Stop!!!”  she yowled but nobody was listening.  The ocean seemed like it was roaring and her dolphin and his buddies were making a ton of noise.  Toni wasn’t doing herself any favors with the yowling though- the more she yowled, the faster the dolphins seemed to go.  It was a purr-ty paw-tastic site considering Toni’s chubbiness.

          Toni was looking for anything that she could grab onto but meeee-ow she knew that was for nothing.  She had a wild thought that her jet ski would come by but meee-ow that was a crazy idea.  She wondered where in the meow these dolphins were going but meeee-ow she didn’t have to worry about that…

          The dolphin did a huge dive and Toni ended up losing her grip in midair and she ended up flying through the air then something from the water reached out and pulled her back towards the water!!!

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Flying Toni

After her latest splash and due to the fact she was only about two feet away, it, finally, sunk into Toni that there was a shark there.  “Meeeeeeeeeeee-yikes!!!”  she yowled, putting her food down and making the engine ‘vroom’ harder.  The next thing you know she was flying through the air and landed with a splat about 500 ft. away from the shark.  He looked so surprised that Toni had to laugh.

          “So-long sucker!”  she yowled, increasing her speed.  Toni was on a roll now.  There was no stopping her and I know exactly what you’re thinking.

          Where in the meow did Toni learn how to drive a jet ski like a maniac?

          That was a really good question but questions are always put aside for another day.  Pawing right along…

          Where in the meow was Toni going anyway?  MOL.  She had no meowing idea.  She was just looking for some fun and she knew that she had to ditch that shark.  Besides that she was having fun jumping over things in the ocean so she vroomed her engine again and went flying…

          “Whee!!!!!”  she yowled, soaring like some ‘burd’ and then she went splat right on…

Friday, January 17, 2020

Trouble For Toni

          A jet ski??? 

          Where in the meow did Toni get a jet ski????

          Well, we can’t rightly ask her at this point bepaws, paw-viously, she’s cruising!  “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!”  she yowled, popping water wheelies and doing little spins.  “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!”

          This incident brings about one important question.  Where in the meow did Toni learn how to drive a jet ski in the first place?  I guess that is another question for another day too.  But you do have to admit one thing, those chubby cats are the ones that are always full of surprises!

          Pawing right along…

          Toni was so busy showing off that she didn’t even see the shark heading right towards her with his mouth wide open!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Beachin' It

          Paws couldn’t believe it.  “Why?”

          Fuzzy looked at him like he flipped his whiskers.  “He didn’t want us to get hurt in the fire.”

          Paws, who was still shaken by the dream, nodded.  It made sense.  Hank was the ultimate dude though.  What a hippo- wanting to take care of his buddies.  “I hope he’s okay.”

          The kitties were silent.  Everybody was hoping so.  It would be heartbreaking if something happened to him.  They all knew that they’d have to wait on what happened down there.  Hank would find them when he was ready.

          Pawing right along…

          The sun was shining, the ocean waves crashed against the shore, calmly,  and the sand just kept getting warmer.  Paws felt himself rolling on his back.  “Meee-ow this feels good.  Where-”

          He was cut off by Fuzzy who started jumping up and down.  “Meeeee-ow!!!  Toni is out on the ocean on a boat!!!!!!!”

Paw Note:
Tomorrow is the anniversary of Mom's dad dying. Mom has this thing about 
not posting on this day so we'll meow with you on Thursday.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Paws's Nightmare

          Paws woke up screaming, which bought all the cats running.  “What happened?”  Sammie asked.  “What happened?”
          Paws looked around, confused, he was on a sunny, calm beach.  The other kitties, including Barney were around him in a circle, looking worried.  There was no indication of fire.  “Where am I?”  he meowed.

          “We’re in Florida!”  Barney announced happily.  “Don’t you remember we caught a ride down here with the Trouties?”

          The Trouties???  How did that happen?  “Was the Mayor driving?”  he asked.

          “Yeah,” Barney answered.  “You poor kid you just went right to sleep.”

          Paws stood up, looking around intently, “Where’s Hank?”

          “Hank?”  Sammie asked.

          “Hank went to Australia,” Fuzzy meowed pounding down a ball of sand with her tail.

          “So, I dreamt that,” Paws meowed.  “That was crazy!”

          “What did you dream?”  Barney asked, feeling concerned for the lad, who looked scared and confused.

          “We were in Australia,” Paws answered, “trying to rescue kangaroos.”

          Fuzzy came over to him and gave him a comforting paw.  “You probably dreamt that bepaws Hank came to see us before he went.  We wanted to go but he said forget it.”