Saturday, October 31, 2020

Surprise Zombies!


      Fuzzy was frozen, stunned and she didn’t think she could move.  Paws grabbed at her but the Barney ghost cat- or zombie if you want to call him at that was snarling at her, mouth open claws out.  Paws was growling and ready to claw at the zombie Barney but the zombie Barney was to strong!  He took Paws’s tail and started swinging Paws around. 

          “Stop!!!”  yowled Fuzzy, trying to grab at Paws but one of the zombie cats grabbed at Fuzzy’s tail and she thought she was going for a swing so she yowled.  “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK!!!!”

          Here comes Hank doing that hippo charge thing.  He was grunting and steam was coming out of his nose.  He was about ready to send the Barney zombie flying but all of a sudden he yowled.  “Hank!!!  Dude!!!  Whut uz trying to do???”

          Holy meows!!!  The Barney zombie was a Troutie!





Friday, October 30, 2020

Tree Shrieks



          Ghost cats?  There were all kinds of cats in these trees.  It was a forest of death.  The silence was broken by Hank, “Ace- that looks like Ace up there!  Casey, Barney they’re here!”

          These statements caused Toni and Tippy to take off.  Paws was frozen.  Fuzzy was horrified.  She could see Casey- Casey her beloved stepdad, his body was all shrunken in the fur was matted and his eyes were large.  Then Fuzzy saw Barney in the other tree, just staring down at her.  Then Barney let out this loud shriek which caused Paws to yowl, “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Ghost Cats


         Here it turns out that the clicking was Tippy chattering his teeth in fear.  Now, when Toni found that out she preceded to claw him across the nose which caused Tippy to give her the paw.  They fought for a few minutes (surprise, surprise) but eventually Hank broke it up by sticking his head down between them.  Now, that caused Toni to somewhat gag bepaws, as stated, Hank did smell kind of garlicky.

          There was no vampire that was touching that hippo, not a chance.

          Fuzzy felt somewhat relieved and she felt even more relaxed bepaws Paws was now leading the way through this mini swamp and meee-ow it was sickening what the mud was doing to her paws.  She was about ready to turn around and head back up the hill but here eyes drifted to the top of an old cherry tree.

          “Meee-huh?”  she grumbled, confused and curious.  What in the meow was up there?  Another owl?  The other kitties saw it too and that’s when Tippy yowled:

          “Ghost cat!!!  That’s a ghost cat!!!”


Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Swampy Pawin'



          Now, the kitty gang easily glided down the hill, not making a sound.  In the meantime, Hank took one step and stumbled which caused him to roll down the hill like a giant snowball and he ended up in the creek with a huge SPLASH!!!!

          Everyone was wet by this point.  Paws was fuming.  He pawed over towards Hank.  “You got me all wet!!!”  he yowled, paw-viously stating the obvious.

          Hank, stepping out of the creek, glared down at Paws.  “Get over it,” he said.  “You other cats okay?”  he called out.

          “You owe me a pizza for getting me all muddy,” answered Toni. 

          Fuzzy, shook herself off the best she could and resumed pawing along.  Her whiskers, along with her head hurt over all of this Hank arguing.  If she heard one more thing about pizza, her fur was going to fall out.  For a second, she wondered how in the meow she got to lead all of this anyway.  After all, it was Paws who got into trouble down here.  Shouldn’t he be in the lead?  Oh meee-ow…

          Pawing right along…

          The entire scene was looked like the swamps of Louisiana.  The noises were there and  at any second Fuzzy thought an alligator would pop up.  As she pawed along though, she began to hear a strange clicking noise and then Toni yowled, “There’s something following us!!”

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Head Down The Hill

 Now, the gang was back to giving him the ‘eye.’  “What did you just say?”  asked Hank.

“I don’t remember,” he meowed again.  “I remember going down and then waking up next to your leg,” he added looking at Hank.

Hank, who was extremely frustrated and smelling more and more like a pizza, started banging his head off the closest maple tree.  Fuzzy literally had to yell, “Knock it off!!!”

Surprisingly he listened and he reminded all of them, “The owl said, don’t go down over that hill.”

“I don’t wanna go down,” Toni meowed to Hank.  “I wanna know where you got that pizza!”

“I DIDN’T EAT ANY PIZZA!!!”  Hank bellowed loudly, scaring Toni, who hid behind Paws. 

“You don’t have to get so grumpy about it,” Tippy meowed.

“I’m going over the hill,” announced Fuzzy, feeling a tad fearless and a bit ‘fuzzy’ (of course).

“Me too!”  Paws meowed, showing no fear about what he just experienced and why would he?  He had no idea what happened to him and he’d like to know.  As a meow of fact, he dashed down it so fast, that he was out of sight within seconds.

“Meeee-ow!  Wait up!!!”  yowled Fuzzy, moving swiftly, with Tippy and Toni following.   You know the story with cats and curiosity.

So, Hank was left alone feeling purr-ty stupid with his 4 small friends feeling adventurous.  After about a minute, he decided to follow, ignoring his owl friend’s advice.

            Meee-wow, this was going to be WEIRD!!!

Paw Note

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