Sunday, January 14, 2018

Flabbergasted Fuzzy

Fuzzy couldn't believe it.

Casey and Barney were there!

Wait a meow-minute!  How in the meow did they get there so quickly?  Well, let me put it to you this way- kitties have a better infrastructure than humans do.  They can get to places in record time which proves the point that humans could take a lesson from animals.

But I digress...

Now the kitties were glad to see Casey and Barney.  Meee-ow the boys were jumping up and down like it was Christmas.  Toni, who felt very close to Barney, since they were both somewhat on the heavy side, cuddled up to him and just purred.

Freddie, who was a bundle of nerves anyway, cuddled really close to Fuzzy.  Fuzzy was glad to see them too but she was getting a little bit frustrated.  She was just a kitty herself remember- she didn't know why every cat thought she was their mom.

But how can anyone resist little Freddie!

Casey and Barney, finally, saw the little fella and lowered their heads (giraffe style) to look at him which sent Freddie back into the water!!!

(Note: The kitties will be back Tuesday.)

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Confused Kitties

The kitties were confused.  Fuzzy couldn't figure it out.  Who in the meow would want to take little Freddie's mom?  Fuzzy believed Freddie when he said it was no zoo.  It didn't sound like it.  It sounded strange- scary and well- remember Fuzzy was just a kid really.  What did she really know?

Now, if this would've been Smokey- she probably would've known...

Meee-ow we had to get a Smokey mention in for some reason.  Every once in awhile we miss the Smoke.

Now, Fuzzy was trying to remain a calm, cool kitty.  Freddie was looking up at her like she was the smartest cat in the world.  Freddie wanted some answers and Fuzzy was just trying to think of something good to meow.

However, she was cut off by Paws who yowled out, "How did you guys find us??"

Friday, January 12, 2018


The rest of the gang (aka. Casey and Barney) were having breakfast and paw-ndering.

"I can't believe they really did it," Barney meowed.  "They actually got on the boat and went!

Casey, too, was amazed.  "Do you think Baby knows that they're there?"

Barney swished his tail.  "I doubt it," he meowed.  "You know how she's in love with that captain dude-cat."

Casey's whiskers twitched in agreement.  He had enough flings in his day to know what it was like to lust so he got it.  The problem Casey had, now, was that the house was really empty.  In other words he missed Fuzzy and the gang.  Barney was lonesome for them too.  He wouldn't admit it but you could tell.  After a few minutes, Casey asked, "Do you have any idea where their boat was going?"

Barney didn't even need to look.  "I think they were headed for Fish Island but they were probably going to stop at other places along with way."

Casey's whiskers twitched.  "I think we should go and find them!"

How did Barney react?

He smiled...

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Friendly Fuzzy

Fuzzy had no problem with this.

The kitties had no problem with this.

They were friendly kitties and who wouldn't want to hang with little Freddie.  He was really cute and had that tilted kitten look that could make anyone melt. They just hoped the kid wouldn't ask them to go for a swim! (At least not yet.)

Fuzzy was really confused though.  I mean who wouldn't be, really?  She couldn't figure out how Freddie ended up on the island.  It just seemed really strange bepaws the kitties were in the tropics and Fuzzy heard from Casey that Fishing Cats really weren't around there.  She had a funny feeling about this.  "What do you think happened to your mom?" she asked. "Do you have any guesses at all?"

Freddie bit down on his lip and his tail started swishing around.  "Some human grabbed her, I think," he said, "or tried too.  She just kinda pushed me away, saying get out!"

Paws's eyes were huge.  "Did she get taken by a zoo?"  he asked.

Freddie shook his head.  "I don't think so. Mom saw zoo humans before from a distance.  They saved a couple of other Fishing Cats in traps.  Mom was really scared." Then Freddie started to cry.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Do You Blame the Kid?

The Fishing Kitten couldn't believe what he was seeing!!  Why?  Bepaws he thought all cats looked like him and his mom.  To this little dude Fuzzy, Toni, Tippy, Paws and Sammie looked like monsters.  Sammie was especially scary-looking with that long white boot.

Yeah I know it sounds weird but the poor kid was scared to death.

Fuzzy calmed him down and actually got it out of him that his name was Freddie.  He had no idea where he was or what had happened to his mom and, as you know, Fuzzy and the kittens could appreciate that.  To this day they had no clue what happened to Blackie.  Anyway, he was lost, alone and really scared.  He looked up at Fuzzy with the sweetest look and said...

"Can I please hang with you?"

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

And It Is...

A Fishing Cat!

Wait a meow-minute!!!  A Fishing Cat?  How in the meow did a Fishing Cat get near a tropical island?  To top it all off, it wasn't even a Fishing Cat.  It was a Fishing Kitten.

A Fishing Cat kitten..


Yeah I know, it sounds funny.  Fuzzy and the kittens were amazed.  They had never seen a Fishing Cat before and well- at first they actually thought it was a real cat like them but Toni saw the weird looking feet she about flipped out!

"What's with your feet?" she shrieked.  "Why do you have goofy feet?"

The Fishing Kitty just stared at Fuzzy, who was calico and the four black and white kitties and did the most logical thing!

He flipped out!

Paw Note

Hey pals, Casey the cat here and relax- the story is later.  (Did anyone figure out what washed up on the beach yet?).  There's one thing I forgot to tell you.

There will be no post on January 15th.  That's the 2 year anniversary of mom's dad's death and it just seems kind of wrong to post that day.  That's all.  I wanted to throw that out there before I forgot!!!!