Thursday, May 24, 2018

Guess Who's Back?

Joey’s whiskers twitched a little.  “It’s just- the burds are really scary.”

          Casey’s brain was out of shock mode and he agreed with Joey.  How in the meow could the three of them paws-ibly do anything?  They needed help and they needed it badly and that’s when something really strange happened.

          There was a wooshing sound that seemed to be approaching.  Wooshing might not be the right word for it.  It sounded like a speedboat and that could only mean one thing…



          Where in the meow had Hank been?  Well, Hank was on an all-out search for Tippy.  Unfortunately (and obviously) he didn’t have any luck!  But it was paw-mazing that Hank was able to track them down!

          “How did you find us?”  Casey asked.

          “Itz goodz datz you iz here,” the Mayor added.

          Meanwhile Joey, headed for the closest tree.  Obviously, he had never seen a hippo before, so Hank literally scared the fur off of him.  “Who- what- how-”

          Hank was flabbergasted that someone was actually afraid of him.  “What are you doing up there, dude?”

          Uh-oh!  Hank needed a briefing so Casey was more than happy to tell him about the Shoebills.  He was horrified by the whole thing.

          “I got here just in time,” he announced.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Scared Joey

Joey’s tail swished.  “In hiding,” he meowed.  “There are 50 locked up.”

          Casey and the Mayor look at each other, not wanting to say it.  After about 3 minutes, the Mayor asked hesitantly, “Locked up?”

          Joey started to meow, “Do I-”

          Casey interrupted by holding up his paw.  “Nope, we get the idea.”  He looked at the Mayor.  “We gotta get them out of there.”

          The Mayor’s nodding, whiskers twitching, “I knowz but itz to badz dat da gang isn’t here.”

          “Meow me about it,” Casey answered, whiskers twitching.  “How in the meow are we gonna do this?”

          Joey was getting really impatient.  “How about we get back on your log and get the meow out of here?”

          Casey and the Mayor give Joey dirty looks.  “Whutz da matta wid you dude?”  The Mayor yowled.  “You cantz turnz yourz back on your pals, right Casey?”

          Casey nodded but he felt badly for Joey.  Despite the tough attitude, it looked like that he was ready to cry.  “It’s okay to be scared pal.”

          Joey’s whiskers twitched a little.  “It’s just- the burds are really scary.”

Monday, May 21, 2018


          That’s when Casey gave him a short summary.  It was paw-mazing that Casey could even summarize all of it.  It was sort of funny though, the more he meowed the bigger Joey’s eyes got. 

          “I can’t believe it!”  he yowled.  “How did you two get all the way here without getting eaten by a shark?”

          That in itself was a very good question but for some reason it rubbed the Mayor the wrong way.  “We notz worryin’ aboutz zat now!  We gotta think BURDZ BOY!  Meow it with me, “Downz wid da BURDZ!”

          “Downz wid da BURDZ!”  Joey meowed cautiously.

          “Louder!”  the Mayor yowled.

          “Down WID DA BURDZ!”  Joey yowled.

          The Mayor pointed at Casey with his tail.  “Now youz sayz it!”

          “Down WID DA BURDZ!”  he yowled agreeably.

          “Alrightz den,” the Mayor meowed, looking at Joey.  “Howz manyz catz are around?”

          Joey’s whiskers twitched as he did some quick figuring.  “Maybe about 30.”

          Casey was horrified to hear that.  He remembered hundreds of cats on the island.  Fish Island was a well-known, happy, purry place for cats.  “Thirty?”  he asked.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Ready to Fight

          Joey was surprised.  “What’s that mean?”

          The Mayor seemed to be on Casey’s brainwave now.  “He’s rightz.  We iz notz goin’ anywhere.”

          Now, poor Joey, who was hoping to get off the island meowed.  “What iz with you two?  I thought you wanted to go.”

          Casey started feeling this amazing sense of determination.  “We gotta help you get Fish Island back.”

          “Yeah,” the Mayor chimed in.  “We canz getz ridz of da burds.”

          That’s when Joey collapsed with laughter.  “You gotta be kidding,” he replied.  “Do you dudes realize how big those guys are?”

          Well, Joey did have a point.  This wasn’t looking good.  A Shoebill was like the GODZILLA of burds.  How in the meow were they going to take on a whole bunch of them?  One was paws-ibly doable but a lot of them?  It was enough to make anyone’s fur fall out.

          Casey was trying to stay optimistic.  “Our crew is going to come,” he answered.  “They’ll help.”

          The Mayor gave Casey the strangest look.  “Who iz youz kidding?  Therez no way they iz coming!  Howz they gonna know where we iz?”

          Poor Joey was frustrated.  “Who in the MEOW ARE YOU TWO EVEN MEOWING ABOUT?”

Friday, May 18, 2018

Nervous Boys

          Finally, it sunk into Joey’s head.  How could you tell?  The usual sign- the eyes grew huge.  “Meee-ow- Shoebills,” he meowed.  “Shoebills are here.”

          Shoebills?  Shoebills?  The Mayor knew what he was meowing about immediately.  His fur stood up on edge and his teeth started chattering.  “No-no- not da Shoebill thingz!”

          Casey had to give him a paw to calm him down.  “Relax.  None of them are here now.”

          The Mayor was still hysterical.  “Itz gonna- itz gonna getz us.”

          This time Joey had to paw him.  “What’s with this dude?”  he asked Casey.

          Casey didn’t have any idea.  He never heard any Troutie Shoebill incident.  He had to take a second though and think about what a Shoebill actually looked like.  It didn’t take that long for the image to pop into his head.  This was some scary-looking ‘burd!’  He started getting the shakes and his whiskers were even twitching.

          Joey was smug.  “I knew you two would be scared.”

          For some reason, that got the Mayor out of his hysteria.  “We iz notz afraidz of anything.”

          Joey’s tail was swishing.  “Yeah, sure.  The best thing you two can do right now is get off the island.”

          Casey glared at him, whiskers straight out.  “That ain’t happening.”