Saturday, September 15, 2018

A Couple of Goofs

Casey’s skepticism was purry reasonable.  He really didn’t know Joey for that long.  How did he know how he’d react out in the water?  Meee-ow he missed Barney.  “I’m not-”

Joey cut him off.  “You’re not scared are you?”

Did you ever see those cartoons where cats have their tails and whiskers stand straight up?  That’s what happened with Casey.  Scared?  How in the meow could anyone paws-ibly call him scared?  “You’re out of your meowing mind,” he meowed.

Joey’s whiskers twitched in amusement.  You see he learned something about Casey right away.  It was paw-fully fun to get him all huffy and puffy.  “I know you’re not scared,” he meowed.  “I just meowed that to get you all huffy.”

Casey smacked his head with his left paw.  Silly kitty.  “Okay, kitten,” he meowed.  “Let’s enter.”

Kitten? Kitten?  Well, that was the human version of calling somebody a kid.  Surprisingly, that got Joey all huffy.  “I’m no kitten, old timer,” he hissed.

Meeee-what?  Could a surfing contest suddenly turn into a huge fight?  There was no way Casey was putting up with this.  “Would you relax!”  he yowled.  “You’re getting excited over nothing.  Let’s go enter it before it’s too late!”

Joey’s bad mood suddenly vanished.  “Let’s go!” 

Friday, September 14, 2018


          Pawing right along…

          Casey and Joey, as meowed, were ready for some serious pawty-ing.  Everything was getting a little more interesting anyway bepaws someone got the bright idea to get a surfing contest started!


          Surfing contest?

          Smokey flashback?  Casey felt his whiskers twitching a little bit, thinking of the great Smoke.  I’m sure if you are a longtime pawer of this blog you remember how Barney and Casey went surfing in Florida and smashed right into a sandcastle that Smokey was working on.  Meee-ow the big guy missed his pal, Smokey. 

          Meeee-ow.  Everybody misses Smokey, right?  Meeee-ow….

          Pawing right along…

          Casey, quickly, focused back on the surfing contest.  Meee-ow, paw-viously it had been ages since he’d been on a board but meee-ow he was feeling the urge.  Joey, for some reason, seemed purr-ty pumped up by the whole situation.

          “We have to have to enter it,” he meowed.

          Casey eyed Joey, skeptically.  If Barney was around, there would be no question about entering the contest.  Barney, if any of you remember this, was an expert- he had the weight for the board-MOL. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Sap Time

          No one could believe it.

          I mean how in the meow could you even top a performance like that?  As a matter of fact everyone seemed to have lost their ability to even meow.

          After about 2 minutes Daisy meowed to Darlene, “I iz sorry.”

          Darlene’s tail stood straight up.  “Meee-huh?”

          “I shouldz of knownz you wouldn’tz do anything,” Daisy meowed sappily.  “I iz sorry, Darlene.”

          Darlene started to get all mushy.  “Aw Daisy, you are just so sweet.”

          The next thing you know these 2 were in some kind of sappy hug that had Joey and Casey just sitting there with their whiskers stuck straight out.  After about a minute both of them just went, “Yuck,” and preceded to paw towards the beach to figure out what was happening with the other paw-tiers.  As for the Mayor, what the meow- they let him sleep. 

          After all who wanted to be around a cat that had a ‘nip’ hangover!

Monday, September 10, 2018


Kind of a wet situation here pals!  We'll be back to normal Wednesday.  We don't post on 9/11 out of respect- so we'll see ya on Wednesday!