Saturday, May 27, 2017

Keeper of the What????

The second she meowed that- Frank and Carla started laughing.

Now, cheetahs laughing is actually a very interesting sight because they fall to the ground and literally start rolling around.  The other kitties were laughing too- along with most of the Trouties.  Every cat (including the kittens) was getting a charge out of it except for the Mayor.

He was flat-out humiliated.  He started cursing in that weird, spitting way.  No one could understand what he was meowing but finally, he yowled out-


Daisy, who didn't like having her intelligence insulted, started clawing at the Mayor and the fought for a couple of minutes.  Finally, she yowled out, "Don'tz you getz it you dope! Shez probably haz da Golden Paw!"

Friday, May 26, 2017

Has Daisy Lost Her Whiskers?


Has she?

You're wondering it, aren't you?  It seemed like she did.  How in the meow could that not be Blackie.  Come on!!!  Blackie's Blackie- no meows ands or buts.  The Mayor even thought Daisy was nuts and he was all to pleased to inform her of that.

"You iz flipz yourz whiskers," he meowed to her.  "Dat was Blackie."

"How in the meow do you know?"  asked Daisy.  "You neverz sawz her."

Daisy did have a point but the Mayor wasn't going to disagree with a heartbroken Toni.  He actually scooped the kitty up and put her on his back.  "You haz a bigz mouth," he meowed.

Daisy was insistent though.  "That wasn't Blackie!  That waz one of da keepers of the Golden Paw!"

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Daisy Meows...

Frank and Carla couldn't believe it.

Little Toni was even like, "Meeee-huh?"

Daisy, as stated, was leading the charge.  She was huffing, puffing and the whiskers were
twitching.  "Don't do it!"  she meowed again.

Frank was mad.  "What about poor, little Toni?"

Toni got spunky with that comment, "Yeah, what about me?"

That's when Daisy dropped the bombshell.  "That wasn't Blackie!"

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Were Frank and Carla shocked?

You're meowing right they were shocked.

Meeee-ow what in the meow was up with that?  Poor little Toni!  Carla went over and put her on her back.  Frank was growling and (basically) ticked off.  "That witch!"  he growled.  "I'll show her."

Then the strangest thing happened!

The rest of the kitties appeared out of the brush.  Daisy was yowling, "No, no!!!  Don't do it!!!  Don't do it!"

Monday, May 22, 2017

They Found Blackie????

Meee-ow- yep you heard it right...

Frank, Carla and Toni found Blackie!  She was just sitting in a daze by the creek.


Blackie???  Are we meowing about the same Blackie who went missing last year after the kittens were born? (Via the blog and if you are confused you might have to check.)

Toni knew it right away.  She jumped down and pawed over excitedly.  "Mommy!!!"  she yowled.  She put a  paw on her back which caused Blackie to turn around and swat her on the nose!

Then she took off through the brush!