Monday, August 3, 2020

Hank and the Burd

          The burd was making a weird, screeching noise.  It was a horrible, loud sound that not only made your fur stand-up but it actually started falling out!  Meee-wow!!!  Hank in the meantime, after his mouth dropped to the ground in shock, ended up galloping around in a circle like a terrified puppy. 

          “What in the meow is the matter with you?”  yowled Casey, as Hank started running towards the water.  “You’re a hippo, not a small kitty!” 

          That seemed to hit Hank like a lightning bolt.   As a meow of fact, he stopped and turned back to the land he glared up at the shrieking burd and opened his mouth in that scary, hippo-way, “Alright BURD!  COME AND GET ME!”

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Fuzzy and the Burd

          The kitties were transfixed by the ‘tails’ of the burd.  It was big, dark and really ugly.  Fuzzy meowed that he was screeching in such a loud way that it made her fur stand up. 

          “How in the meow did you get away?”  Casey asked, eyes huge.

          “He lost grip of my tail,” Fuzzy meowed showing off her raggedy tail.  “That’s when I landed in the tree.”

          “Was he really going to drop you in the volcano?”  Barney asked.

          “I think so,” Fuzzy answered and that’s when a loud shriek came from above.

          Holy meows it was the burd!

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Enter Fuzzy

          Fuzzy jumped off of Hank with ease looking very pleased with herself.  Who in the meow are we kidding?  She looked a little FUZZY!  “Thanks, big guy,” she meowed.

          Hank took a deep breath and stumbled to his feet, slowly.  “You are one fat, little Fuzz,” he said.

          Hackles were up.  “That’s really cute coming from a hippo,” snapped the Fuzz with her tail straight up.  The whole thing was amusing really, when did you ever think Fuzzy would actually scratch somebody?

          It was time for stepdad Casey to step in.  You remember that Casey really had no patience for huffiness, right?  Well, pawing right along…

          “Would you two knock it off!”  he yowled.  “This is no time for fighting.”  He looked at Fuzzy.  “How in the meow did you get here anyway?”

          That’s when Fuzzy’s eyes got big and she started shaking a little.  “I was picked-up by this really big, ugly burd…”

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Paw Note

Okay pals, Fuzzy here.  Mom has a problem with her eye.  The goof forgot her swim goggles and got salt water in them can you believe it.  PAW NOOGIE FOR MOM!  Anyway, Mom has to catch up on some back work and will return on Thursday!!!

Friday, July 24, 2020

Paw Note

Meeee-ow pals!  What is pawin'?  Fuzzy the cat here and I'm here to meow to you to relax.  Mom will be back Monday.  She is taking some much needed time off for the weekend to chill with the wild horses in Maryland!  So, everybody just relax and we'll be back on Monday.