Sunday, July 23, 2017


Okay, it sunk in that maybe some of you might not know a lot about the Pygmy Hippo.  Now, I saw one a few years ago and thought he was adorable.  The Pittsburgh Zoo, finally, got one and I put together one of the information cards.  

Friday, July 21, 2017

Fuzzy Went Where????

Fuzzy was confused.



And confused.

Meee-ow I said that already.  Anyway, it doesn't matter.  The Fuzzy cat was FUZZED thanks to a little Hank.

Fuzzy's whiskers started twitching.  "What's the problem?"  she meowed.

The little hippo just stared at her with those saucer-type eyes.  "Do you know where you are???"

Fuzzy looked around, shocked...

She wasn't in the neighborhood.

She did one of those Chronicles of Narnia moves.

She was completely lost!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Something Small

No, it wasn't Hank.

*Snaps fingers*


Hank could've really helped the Fuzzy.

But wait!!!!  You'll like this!

It was a little Hank.

Well, sort of, the dude looked like this.  To be purr-fectly technical about it- it was a Pygmy Hippo and he was very handsome.

However, Fuzzy wasn't that amused.  Confused, yeah, amused no.  Well, are you that surprised?
She was a one-year-old kitty who never saw a Pygmy Hippo before.  To her it looked like a log with legs.  "What in the meow are you?"  she asked.

The Pygmy Hippo just stared at her with amazement.  "What in the meow are you?  And what in the meow are you doing here???"

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Fuzzy Trail

Fuzzy was on the move.

And just admit it- you're getting those warm 'fuzzy' flashbacks of Smokey right now when she was on the prowl, right?

Gotta love them Smokey flashbacks!

Anyway, Fuzzy was on the move.  She was pawin' hard (with that extra leap) and determined.  She was going to get that 'Golden Paw' no matter who she had to FUZZ and she was 100% sure that she needed no help.  As a matter of fact, this kitty was sure she'd be back for lunch! But guess what?

She ran into somebody that was completely unexpected!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tough Fuzzy

Yeah I know...

Kind of boring...

Kind of routine...

But it's filled with FUZZINESS!!!!!!!!!!

With that being meowed, Casey and the Mayor just kind of looked at each other with their tails swishing.  The Mayor kind of gave the cat version of a shrug and Casey looked at the kid with whiskers twitching.  "Are you sure you know what you're doing kid?"

Fuzzy's whiskers twitched and it looked like she was going to meow out again!!!  Casey backed off.  Who really wanted to tick off a Fuzzy anyway?  The Mayor wasn't so gentle in his approach.

"Whatz yourz planz kid?"  he asked.

Fuzzy was feeling her 'fuzziness' by now.  Don't you love that quote?  "You wanna see first hand pops?"


She called the Mayor 'pops?'  Isn't that against the law?  Somebody go and look.

"Well," Casey meowed, "Keep in-"

Casey didn't get to finish that?  Why?  Well, Fuzzy was already gone!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Steamed Fuzzy

No one should laugh at the Fuzzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuzzy was indignant, steamed and literally ticked off.  Her 'fuzziness' was definitely rumpled and her pride had been stepped on BIG TIME.  Now, what we have here is a very rare thing.

Fuzzy got steamed...

No meows were specifically directed to a particular cat but there was plenty of clawing and fur was flying.  Little Fuzzy managed to shut-up her smart-mouthed siblings in a matter of minutes!


Every cat was shocked.  The Mayor's mouth was even hanging open in a purr-fect O.  Fuzzy wasn't fazed.  As a matter of fact, she seemed a little smug.  She even had a strut thing going.  She looked at the kitties with this smug look and meowed out:

"Any questions now?"