Friday, March 22, 2019

Another Sighting?


            What other group?

            The kitties were really confused by this point, considering the snow leopard couldn’t stop chuckling at their confusion.  After about two minutes the snow leopard, finally, cleared everything up.  “There was a group of cats here not too long ago and they were kind of on the rowdy side.”

            Barney was getting impatient.  “What in the meow does this have to do with Tippy?”  he asked.

            “I heard you cats meowing,” he said, “I heard you talking about that 3-legged cat and a 3-legged cat was here with them.”

Thursday, March 21, 2019

A Confusing Snow Leopard

            The snow leopard was unamused which was pavious enough bepawas he wouldn’t be ramming the glass!  “QUIET!!!!!!!!!”  he yowled.  “Be quiet!!!”

            “Meee-ow!  Give us Tippy back!!!”  howled Fuzzy.

            “Yeah you big bully!!!”  Daisy hollered.  “We wantz Tippy!”

            That’s when the battering ram snow leopard stopped and looked at all of them with a goofy, tilted-head look.  Then he started laughing.  It was just a weird scene.  “Sorry,” he said after about 2 minutes.  “I thought you cats were with that other group that was just here.”

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Battering Ram

            After the momentary shock wore off, Barney started yowling.  “Wake-up, Tippy!!  Wake-up!!”

            The Mayor started pounding at the glass yowling “Letz Tippy go you big stuffed headz!”  he yowled.

            Paws was just staring at him with wide eyes.  “You sure you wanna call them stuffed heads?”  he asked with whiskers twitching.

            The Mayor wasn’t paying attention- he kept pounding at the glass.  The pounding, finally, got the attention of one of the Snow Leopards bepaws one of them started ramming himself against the glass!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Sleepy Tippy

            Okay, I know what all of you are thinking…

            How in the meow could a zoo in Central Park have room for Snow Leopards?

            Well, you’re going to have to trust me here.  They have a wonderful exhibit with plenty of room.  If you haven’t seen it- you’d be impressed.  It’s the purr-fect place for those fine-looking cats.  Now the big question is how in the meow did Tippy get in there?  Now there wasn’t a human factor to worry about here- thank meowness.  And all of the kitties had horrible thoughts of Tippy becoming lunch for one of the Snow Leopards.

            But guess what?

            He was sleeping on one of their backs!


Monday, March 18, 2019

All around the Zoo

            Now, that stunned the gang into silence.

            Surprised?  Well, you shouldn’t be due to the fact it was paw-mazing who Hank actually knew.  After the initial shock wore off, Barney meowed, “How in the meow do you dudes know Hank?”

            “He owes me money,” one of them said.

            Okay, just picture it a second- somehow Hank, in his travels, bummed money off of a Red Panda in the Central Park Zoo???  Are you meowing serious?  Well, apparently, bepaws soon both of them started telling the kitties of some wild paw-ty a few years ago and Hank got really stoned bepaws he ate a bunch of catnip.  It was meowy nuts.  Finally, when there was a ‘paws’ the Mayor started to meow out something about Smokey but then Paws yowled, “Holy meows Tippy’s in with the Snow Leopards!”