Wednesday, January 16, 2019


       All of the kitties just stared at Vinnie.  How in the meow could this duck know anything about Vinnie’s dad?  Why would a strange duck even have a clue to where Vinnie’s dad was? 

            It was Toni who broke the silence.  “Why would your dad wanna hang out with burds?” she asked. 

            Don’t you love Toni?  She was already meowing about ‘burds?’ 

            That question got little Vinnie’s hackles up.  “My dad doesn’t hang with ‘burds!’”  he yowled. 

            Barney couldn’t believe the little guy’s indignation.  “Take it easy, little dude,” he meowed.  “It was a good question.  Why would that goofy duck know anything about your dad?”

            Vinnie chilled out a little and looked up and Barney with one of those cute kitten looks.  Barney, being the softie that he was, melted.  “That goofy duck knows everything about what’s going on,” Vinnie meowed.  “He knows everything about the park.”
            At that moment, Barney really missed Casey.  Casey would know how to handle that goofy duck.  He would’ve went over and started plucking out his feathers until the duck squealed the location.  “Are you sure about that?”  he asked Vinnie.

            “The little cat is right,” a voice said from high up.  “That duck has a radar on everything!”

Monday, January 14, 2019

Paw Note

The Vinnie Shock

     Surprisingly, the duck listened and for a second all was silent.  Humans lost interest, which was a meowy relief to the kitties.  After all, who really wants to do anything with cellphones flashing in every direction.  Soon, the Mandarin Duck just started making regular noises and, eventually, swam away.

            The kitties were flabbergasted.  What in the meow was up with that?  Poor, little Vinnie!  He was shaking like crazy.  “He scares me,” Vinnie meowed.

            He wasn’t alone in that regard.  Toni thought he was really creepy.  “Why do you think he did that?”  she asked Barney.

            Barney still looked pretty miffed.  “How in the meow do I know?”  he asked.  “I’m no expert on ‘burds!’”

            “Do you think the Trouties would know how to talk to the duck?”  Fuzzy asked innocently.

            That melted Barney’s anger.  “You funny, funny Fuzzy!”

            Fuzzy didn’t think it was that funny but she enjoyed a good laugh/purr with the rest of the group.  The good-hearted fun stopped though when Vinnie meowed…

            “That duck knows where my dad is!”

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Barney v. the 'Burd'

       The kitties were stunned by the Mandarin Duck. Why?  Well, he was handsom and he had the weirdest look that his stare just made the kitties feel weird.  He kept that stare on them for a few minutes and that had Vinnie freaked.

            “He’s scaring me!  He’s scaring me!”  he complained, moving closer to Barney. 

            Barney was trying to stay cool.  “Don’t worry little dude,” he meowed.  “He’s not going to hurt us.”

            As a matter of fact, the duck swam over to them and they were about a foot a part.  His wings started flapping and he was making a lot of noises.  The humans noticed and started pointing and taking photos.  It was lucky that the kitties were in the group or they would’ve been in big trouble.  Now, pawing right along…

            The duck wouldn’t shut-up.  “Bad cats!”  he quacked out.  “Bad cats!

            Fuzzy couldn’t believe it.  “What’s the problem, duckie?”

            His wings were flapping harder.  “BAD CATS!!!  BAD CATS!!!”

            This is one moment where it would’ve been nice to have Casey around.  He would’ve shown that goofy duck.  He would’ve pawed into the water and bashed him in the beak.

Barney knew that he had to get tough.

            “SHUT-UP YOU DUMB DUCK!!!”  he yowled.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Ducky Point of Entry

      As a lot of you know already, the Central Park’s famous Mandarin Duck is hanging out at the Central Park Pond (makes sense) which is located at 60th and 5th.  For those of you who don’t know, this handsome bird just showed up, last fall, and none of the humans were sure where it came from.  He was famous, paw-viously, due to the fact that he wasn’t from the area.  His fame wasn’t fading either.  Right away the gang noticed the crowd around the duck, taking the photos and tossing food at him.  The dude was loving every second of it and the kitties were somewhat in awe too.

            “I’m getting hungry,” Paws meowed eyeing the duck up and twitching his whiskers.  “He looks tasty.”

            “Too many feathers for me,” Fuzzy meowed wanting to paw along.  She didn’t get the appeal.  It was just another goofy ‘burd.’

            “I’m going to get a better look,” Tippy added.

            Surprisingly, Barney grabbed his tail and pulled him back with such force that it reminded everyone of Casey.  “Are you nuts?”  he asked.  “You can’t leave the group and besides, that bird supposedly doesn’t taste good anyway.”

            Want to hear something funny?  The minute Barney said this, the duck looked right at them!

Friday, January 11, 2019

The Kitties Are In the Big Apple!

     It’s paw-mazing to think about but these kitties were in New York, right in front of Central Park.  Same rules apply- a group of kitties were invisible and meeee-ow it was a good thing!  No one wanted picked up and put into that horrible shelter that sent cats and pups to death almost immediately.  Anyway- they were there- ready to head in and meee-ow it was exciting.

            Fuzzy couldn’t believe it.  She had heard all about New York and the wonders of Central Park and meee-ow it made her fur purr just to be there!  As a meow of fact, she would’ve ran in if Barney had pulled her back (via the tail).

            “You goof,” Barney meowed.  “You can’t go in there by yourself or you’ll be in big trouble!”

            Fuzzy knew Barney was right but mee-ow it was tempting.  Besides they were in a happening area!  The home of the Mandarin Duck!