Tuesday, March 28, 2017

'Tails' Gotta Be Meowed

When Hank emerged there wasn't just shock at the appearance of him in general, there was amazement at what he looked like.  He had a medical boot on his foot.

"Whut happened?" asked the Mayor.

Hank went on with this crazy story that  he was out paw-tying with a bunch of pals and fell on his butt.  "Don't ya wanna know why I'm here?"

"Yeah," Leo roared.  "Where did u come from?"

"Captain Jack bought me here..."

Monday, March 27, 2017

The Screech

You guys are in no way going to believe this.

But the screech came from Hank?


Hank was bellowing that he was afraid of the dark but the question was:
How in the meow did he get there???

Paw Note

What's up pals???  Casey here and guess what??

The human fractured her left wrist!


Okay why am I meowing this?  Well, if you wonder why anything is short that's why!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

'Tails' From the Pit

They pawed down the corridor at full-speed.  Who knew what to expect?  After all, there were stories of a deep dark pit and there were yowls but nobody could figure it out.  Where was the pit?

Where was the pit?

The Pallas Cats weren't helping.  Eddie and Andy wouldn't shut-up.  The way they were yowling you would've thought a crazy-furry monster with teeth to the floor would jump out at any second.  The Mayor was freaking out and Casey was getting madder and madder.  But the next thing you know-

There was a huge scream/screech coming from straight ahead!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Friday, March 24, 2017

Big Trouble??

"What do you mean, big trouble?"  asked Casey.

"They-they are gonna get killded down there!"  he said.

The Mayor was looking at him kind of strangely.  "Whutz upz wid you, kid? I don't think you iz tellin' da truth."

Andy's mother was just staring at him.  "I know he isn't telling the truth," she said.  "What are you hiding kid?"

The second she said that- two more Pallas Cats came out.  Well, technically, they weren't Pallas Cats- more like Pallas Cat teenagers!  Now, this was a weird twist.  What in the meow was up with this?  Anyway, these two looked spooked.  "Whut- who-who are you guys?" One of them stared up Eddie, Andy and his mom.  "Whut- what?  Is this the help?"

This was just getting weirder and weirder...

Surprised?  I didn't think so but what do you expect from a cave in the middle of nowhere.

"What do you mean help?" asked Casey.

"Those strange black and white cats- they're in this big hole down that way!" One exclaimed pointing to a corridor via the tail.