Friday, October 20, 2017

It's Always Back to Indy

No matter what it's always back to Indiana Jones.

Not that there's anything the matter with that.  I mean Harrison Ford is one meowy cool dude in our book.  Sure he looked like a goof in the last Star Wars movie but Indiana Jones gives him street cred.  Then again, we digress...

Casey figured what in the meow did he have to loose.  What was going to happen?  Would rays really come out if he touched it?  Was that possible...?   So he put his paw on it and...


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Mad Mayor

All eyes went to the Mayor.

Yeah, yeah I know.  It's been awhile.  Refresh the memory and come back-MOL.  Anyway, all eyes were on the Mayor.  The dude was really mad-that hysterical type mad in fact.  Besides that the dude practically yowled it!  Who am I kidding he did yowl it!  It was actually loud enough to make some passing 'burds' stop and then fly by faster.  We're meowing sound barrier here pals.

The Mayor, surprisingly, was thrown by the looks.  "What youz guyz starin' likez dat for?"

"You meow me," Casey meowed.  "You are the dude that yowled."

"What's the problem?"  Barney asked.  "Why shouldn't we touch it?"

"Well, youz dudez saw Indiana Jones," he answered.  "Youz don't wantz some kind of weirds light coming out do you?"

Friday, October 13, 2017

Buggy Eyes

It was an incredible thing that Golden Paw.

It glowed and sparkled.  It actually kept you mesmerized.  All of the kitties felt like they were being hypnotized for a second but that was shaken off immediately by the twitch of the whiskers.

Barney meowed it first, in a whisper.  "Is dat it?"

The Mayor's whiskers twitched.  "It has to be," he whispered.  "Wow da Golden Paw-wow!"

Casey was stunned, amazed and curious.  He really wanted to touch it!  The urge was so great that he had his paw out and it was shaking but that's when the Mayor yowled...


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Casey Drop

It was Casey who gave the yowl.  Surprisingly, his climbing idea did work.  Contrary to what was pawed out- he did see these two fall and managed to follow them (via the trees) to this lake and it was shocking what was right by all of them.

It was the Golden Paw.


The Golden Paw?  How could these dudes have found the 'Golden Paw?'  This was I'm-paws-ible and some kind of dream.  How could it be so easy?  Now, with all of that being meowed it seems like that the big, ugly, goofy-looking burd dropped them there on purpose.  The big question was...


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A Drop

In other news...

What did happen to Barney and the Mayor?  Holy meows!  Did they instantly turn into breakfast? Well, I have good news...

They didn't but something really weird happened.

They were dropped...


Yeah, you heard it.  They were dropped but relax they didn't fall like the Coyote in the Roadrunner.  They actually fell into a lake.

Wait a meow-minute a lake?

Well, you can imagine the overall fall there was a lot of yowling and major screeching.  It was actually a miracle that the other cats did hear them bepaws they were actually closer than what they thought.  When they landed it was a major splash-

Not in the Hollywood terms...

But it was big enough to cause a lot of the water to come out of the lake.  When these two came out of the lake, they were dazed and both of them had hurt butts.  When they crawled a little more on shore they didn't even realize until some cat yowled.  "Holy meows," what was close by!