Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Beach Pawin'

     Now if you’ve been following these kitties since day one you might remember that Smokey, Casey and Barney were actually down here a couple of years ago.  All three of them had such a great time and Smokey thought she would never see such beautiful sandy beaches or feel such warm sun.  However, this time it seemed a thousand times better!

          But Smokey was in a daze for a couple of minutes, she quickly pawed after the rest of the kitties towards the water.  Meee-ow, I know, I know cats at the beach?  Well, you humans don’t know as much as you think.  Kitties might hate the bath parts but they liked the feel of the ocean water.  You could safely say that the humans would be shocked if they saw a bunch of kitties doing the doggie-paddle in ocean!

          Tommy was pawsitively thrilled to be down there.  He was almost bouncing up and down.  As a matter of fact, he was soon lost in the crowd with reports of him last being seen by the kitty surfers. 

          “Shouldn’t we go after him?”  asked Barney with a concerned meow.  His whiskers twitched anxiously as he scanned the crowd.

          “I wouldn’t worry about it,” meowed Baby.  “As long as he stays with some other cats and doesn’t wander by the humans he’ll be okay!”  In case you’re not sure what that means, this is easy to sum up.  As long as kitties, when they’re in a public place stay with other kitties, they’ll be invisible to humans.  So, when you go to a public place- I can almost guarantee there is a large group of kitties around touring too!





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  1. guys...just bee care full on de surf boardz...rememburr what happened then !! hope everee one haza grate week oh end....we bee offline fora few heer....see ya next week ♥♥♥