Monday, March 9, 2015

Defender Smokey

          Casey clawed her back, proving that he wasn’t as much enamored by the doctor as it appeared.  “You’re just jealous,” he meowed.

          You really shouldn’t meow something like that to Baby.  Baby, in her own right, is a fine-looking cat.  Meow a minute- who am I kidding?  She’s a great looking kitty with a beautiful golden coat and a tail that would make any kitty jealous.  She also had a cute freckled nose too.  Here, if you don’t believe it check the refresher photo:

          Baby’s only problem was that she was a little on the porky side but what did that really matter?  All kitties lean towards porkiness sometime!  The point of all of this was that Casey’s tone made it sound like that Baby looked like some diseased rat.  It actually had Smokey’s fur in an uproar and before Baby could do anything really stupid.  She put the paw down.
          “Just shut-up,” she meowed pointing at Casey with her longest claw.  “Quit being so mean.  I don’t want any more delays here!  I want to get to the beach.”

1 comment:

  1. baby...we think ya look good.... wink wink.....N smokey...ewe two....

    doodz due knot like a kitteh whooz two thin....coz we wunder if they iz well......

    any way, inn deed get ace cheked out N get two de beach !!! YAY ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥