Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dr. Whiskers


          It was almost a miracle how fast the car turned down an exit.  Casey had the tires screeching so loud that Smokey thought her ears would pop out.  As a matter of fact, Tommy had climbed to the top of the back seat with the fur standing on edge.   The building Casey was driving to was medium-sized, white, lit-up and had a fairly decent-sized parking lot.  It looked like your typical, emergency vet center, the only difference was there was a huge sign in front that flashed on and off like something in Las Vegas that said:



          It was almost to convenient.  Smokey was about ready to say something but Baby beat her to it with a, “We can’t go in there!”

          I’m sure you could just picture the scene, all of the males were just kind of looking at Baby like she had just lost all power to meow.  Smokey understood what she meant though, it was kinda weird.  She didn’t know of any regular kitty doctor that had a flashing sign!  Anyway, Barney meowed it out before Casey, “Why can’t we?”

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