Saturday, March 7, 2015

Enter Dr. Whiskers

          So, we have it straight, Ace is a big kitty, a huge kitty, a sleepy kitty and all of that meant he was dead-weight.  In other words, that meant he weighed about three times more than usual since he was sleeping.  All of this meant that they all had to help carry him in, even Smokey.  Now, how that was going to happen with Smokey having three legs with uneven balance was, at first, a mystery.  But guess what, somehow, some way they did it.

          Never mind the fact that they were by the front desk and Smokey woke Ace up by yanking his tail.  You don’t need to picture that, it was an ugly sight.  Besides all of that, Ace let out such a yowl that it sounded like a zombie cat.  Well, after all of the formalities, Dr. Whiskers finally came out.

          And all of the kitties were in for a real surprise…

          Why you meow?

          Dr. Whiskers happened to be a female.  She was a tall, muscular, fluffy female with glasses and jewelry.  Barney, Ace, Casey and Tommy looked like they got struck by a sledgehammer.  Baby was in shock and Smokey was blinking heavily.  Finally, she was the one who asked the obvious, “You- you’re the doctor?”

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  1. doodz...just bee care boyz all noe how de gurlz can & will tern on ya ina fast dai$y.....whoa...heer her comes rite now...~~~ ♥♥