Friday, March 27, 2015

Rescue Kitties

          The kitties couldn’t believe it!  Smokey was the first one to get it out, “What happened, Tommy?” 

          “You just have to come,” he meowed.  “You kitties have to come!”

          Smokey, Barney, Baby and about half of the kitty volleyball team followed!  Did you really think that they wouldn’t?  After all kitties are curious and I know what you’re thinking and that saying does NOT apply here.  As a matter of fact, the curious kitties were the ones who had the fun!

          Well, it seemed like they pawed forever until they finally saw the problem- all the way out in the ocean there were some rocks and on one of the rocks was a small kitty that Smokey thought might’ve been gray and white but she wasn’t sure!  However, the kitties did hear him yowl, “HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

          “Who is this??”  Baby asked and it was a reasonable question.  How in the world could Tommy know somebody?  Don’t forget they just arrived!

          “We were surfin’ together,” Tommy meowed, “and he got caught up in a big wave!”

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  1. tommy....dood....paddle bak out N help him....ewe can due it...ya noe ya can !!! ♥♥♥