Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Rhino Welcome

          Smokey felt steamed.  Okay, steamed was too nice of a word.  She was downright growly.  She heard about that creep who went after the rhino and it’d be nice to get a little justice!  “Well what are we waiting for??”  she yowled.  “Let’s get the paws in gear and get out of here!”

          And guess what?  That’s exactly what happened!  They had too- the Mayor and Casey insisted on it.  The Mayor was particularly antsy about the whole thing.  He was pawsitively steamed about the whole thing.  He was not only ready for war but he was ready for some kind of very painful- well, never mind- we don’t need to get the Mayor in trouble.

          If you’re wondering about the journey- Captain One-Eyed Jack ended up being one meowy good captain.  They didn’t get lost, there was no bad weather and well the pawty-ing on the way over was purry.  They hit land with no problems and Captain One-Eyed meowed that he would stay with the boat and Baby volunteered to stay with him. 

          Meeee-wow- we can only guess what they were going to do while ‘watching the boat.’

          But never mind about that the kitties were as of right now in Africa and the very first thing they happened to run into when they came out of the boat was a rhino and he looked like he was ready to charge!

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  1. uz catz bee safe...him iz de ...welcoming commit tee.....but if peepulz show up....whoa...... ♥♥♥