Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Meet the Captain

          “I’m One-Eyed Jack,” he meowed.  “Baby called.  She met me in Florida and said you needed some help.”

          Smokey just looked at him with her mouth hanging open and the whiskers kind of standing on edge.  What in the meow was up here?  How did Baby know a pirate cat?  When in the meow did she have the time to even meet a pirate cat??  But Smokey didn’t have too much time to ask questions which was good
(considering that’s all Smokey liked to do) bepaws Baby was soon at the door and she let out one of those squeal-meows!

          “Jackie!”  she yowled.  “I can’t believe you pawed up here so fast!”

          Now Smokey was literally in shock.  Jackie?  She invited him in to a crowd of kitties who were about as shocked as Smokey was.  “Meow everybody!” she yowled.  “This is my pal Jack!  He’s going to be the captain!”

          The other kitties were as shocked as Smokey was.  What in the meow was up here?  Baby was hanging on this cat like he was some kind of movie star!  Smokey started wondering if she was playing some kind of joke.   Meee-ow it was entirely possible- who really knew for sure?

          Finally Barney cleared his throat, twitched his whiskers and said to Baby, “What did you just say?”

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  1. a pie ratz kitteh iz de awesumest kinda cap'n ewe can haz guys...they noe de seaz, they willna take gruff frum no one N they haz sum awesum storeez ta share !! ♥♥♥