Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Meowing With the Rhino

          The kitties didn’t know what to do!  Smokey was scared to death which was paw-mazing considering she was always meowing to everyone how much she liked rhinos.  The Trouties looked like they lost all power to even meow.  (To tell you the truth, they all did.)

           Finally, Ace was the one that pawed up to the front and meowed at the rhino.  “What’s the problem, pal?”

          The rhino actually looked confused and Smokey had to wonder whether or not he even understood American meowing!  Finally, he snarled out.  “What are you cats doing here?”

          The Mayor pawed up this time.  “We’re here to visit,” he meowed.  “What’s da problem with dat?”

          The rhino seemed confused by the Mayor’s bluntness.  “You American cats better go home,” he grunted, “or you might get in trouble.”

          Smokey was interested in this now.  “What’s that supposed to mean?”

          The rhino looked at Smokey and it finally hit her that the rhino actually didn’t look mean but he looked sad and even sort of tired.  “There are humans all over, killing all of the animals.”

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  1. jack...bring out de stock pile dood...time ta "arm" R anipalz sew they can startz shootin back ♥♥♥