Monday, May 11, 2015

Now What?

          These kitties came back from Florida with plenty of ‘tails’ about sun, fun and meow-debates about which adventure to the ballpark was number one.  You kitties should’ve seen that coming right?  How could a ‘tail’ be a ‘tail’ without these kitties meowing at each other about goofy things like that? 

          Anyway, the actual trip home wasn’t bad.  To put it bluntly it was ‘normal.’  Smokey couldn’t believe how smooth everything went!  Well, there really wasn’t much to say about it bepaws when they got home these kitties immediately went to bed.  Obviously, with all of the adventures there was no time for any actual sleeping while they were away so all, settled for a nice nap.  Sure Ace practically slept six days but still, when he woke up he was crankier than ever.

          What made Ace cranky, you ask?

          Well, it’s actually kind of hard to figure out but Smokey thought he had the touch of travel-fever.  For the last couple of years he heard about all of the fun that the rest of them had and it seemed like he wanted to catch-up with their adventures.  However, the big question was:

          What in the meow were they going to do now?

1 comment:

  1. bout a cruize !!! knot on one oh thoze crazed boatz, but yur own purrson nell chartered yacht !!! everee one can haz their own cabin room, ya get foodz served like 25/8...ya can due sum fishin, land toorz........what cha think !! 3♥♥