Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Smokey Decides

Baby gave Barney the ever-famous ‘glare’ that, believe it or not, used to have his paws shake but Barney wasn’t putting up with it.  “You heard what I meowed!”

          Casey opened his mouth to meow something but Barney wasn’t going to be stopped.  “You’re not gonna get some goof off the street in here to be a captain of a boat that I worked my butt off to get!”

          Baby’s whiskers twitched.  “Look blubber-butt- he’s going to be the captain!  I don’t care what you think.”

          I won’t bore you with the continuous arguing it was pretty much the same thing back and forth for about 10 minutes.  Smokey was the one who finally had enough.

          “Look,” she meowed, “let him be captain.  We need one and well- this arguing is stupid.”

          The other kitties agreed with the exception of Tommy, who enjoyed the back and forth but remember Tommy was practically still a kitten.  All kids- kittens- whatever are fascinated by arguing.  Smokey’s tone though made Barney back off, for some reason but he told the new captain.  “Fine but you’re on probation.”

          “What in the meow does that mean?”  asked Baby.

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  1. guys....bee care full...ya due knot wanna make a cap'n mad...spesh a lee at sea !!!

    kinda like de dentist iz yur best friend til ya leeve hiz place oh biznezz..THEN ya can give HIM de biznezz !!!

    we bee off line til twoozday; happee week oh end safe if ya travelz ~~~ ♥♥♥