Saturday, May 9, 2015

Stadium Tails Part 2

          Now if you kitties thought that got a little goofy- try this.  When they went to Paw Trail Park the Alley Cats were playing the Feral Cats.  The Alley Cats won 5-0 but what made the score special was the fact that the Alley Cats’ pitcher Tigger T. Cat pitched a purr-fect game that none of them saw!  Why didn’t any of them see it?  Well, do you remember how I mentioned that the seats were so comfortable that you could fall asleep- well that’s what all of them did!  Thanks to the fact these lazy kitties fell asleep they missed out on buying programs, etc. to remember the evening! They were all kind of mopey about that fact but they got over it.  Besides the trip to Tail Trail Park made up for it, kind of, bepaws it was fur-metal band night!  If you wonder what that is- well, that’s a kitty equivalent to hair-metal!  That was a purry evening considering that the game seemed to be over in world-record time and Smokey and Baby played ‘groupie-kitty’ all night!

          Their trip to Meow Purr Park bought everyone back to baseball basics though.  This is where the Growlers met the Purry Furry Cats.  The Growlers won this in extra innings 8-7 and by time the game ended the sun came up!  This was where Ace and even Barney spent so much of their kitty-cash that Casey made them take some of their stuff back bepaws they’d never be able to fit it in the car for the trip home! 

          The trip to Purry Purr Park was two days later which featured the Purry Furry Cats (which made sense since this was their home park) and the Alley Yowlers.  Somehow they not only saw another extra-inning game but they never ran into anybody famous.  The funny thing was, when the team found out that every time these kitties showed up the team went into extra innings they were forbidden to ever come again!!!  That didn’t make any of them happy, especially Baby, who threatened to sue, but after the nip wore off they kinda forgot about the whole mess!

          Alley Cat Alley Park, the home of the Yowlers, happened to be the favorite spot of the kitties.  The Yowlers were matched up against the Feral Cats and anything imaginable happened here- including a bench clearing brawl which involved everybody in the crowd.  Finally it got so bad that the game had to be called off!  It didn’t matter though, considering all of them raided the dugout (along with a bunch of other cats) and left with a lot of baseball stuff!  Smokey even got her favorite player’s bat!

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  1. guys....ewe haz de best fun on yur baseball trips !!! we hope sum one catched it on mewvie videe oh ore at leest getted sum fotoz !!! just think how much fun de WERLD seer eez wood be !!! ♥♥♥