Friday, May 22, 2015

Troutie Time

          Now every kitty knows about the Tabbies!  They’ve hung out with Smokey and the gang before and these kitties were ready to paw-ty big time! The Mayor especially looked like he needed a vacation but one thing was for sure- all of them needed a snack!

          Smokey, instantly, remembered that Boomer was one of the prime chefs in all of kitty-land and meeee-wow- give that boy some catnip and a large fish and MEEE-WOW!  Smokey wasn’t sure how he did it but he made a fish dinner to beat all fish dinners, that had a butter/catnip mix.  Everything just kind of melted in the mouth. 

          When everything was meowed and done- the big question remained- where to take the paw-ty boat?  Again the idea of a safari came up and mee-wow the more Smokey heard about that the more she liked it.  It seemed like that every cat, including the Trouties, were ready for that.  Daisy even claimed to have an outfit just in case they ran into any lions.

          But the funny thing was Barney seemed to be absent from all of the fun.  Where in the meow could he be?  Smokey was not only confused she was getting a little huffy.  She wished that he would get his fat butt into the room so they could finally decide on where to take the boat!


  1. Lions are cool! Go see the ancestors! Be like a big family reunion!

  2. guys...last we saw him he wuz up on deck gettin sailin lessonz frum jack !!! ♥♥♥