Friday, June 12, 2015

Hank's Safari

      The animals themselves didn’t have a problem with that bepaws it seemed like everybody was having a good time, which was Smokey’s plan.  It was going to be paw-fully fun to see where Hank would take them.  As a matter of fact she even meowed out a, “Where are we going?”

          “Where do you kitties want to go?”  Hank asked.

          “How about a safari?”  Sammy asked for a joke. 

          Smokey thought that was really funny.  “Meee-ow how about that?  I know we didn’t see all of the animals!”

          “Can you do that?”  asked Vince.

          “I can show you some things.  But are you sure?”  asked Hank.  “Some of the animals out there are pretty scary.  You cats won’t get scared will you?”

          “There’s no way!” exclaimed Smokey.  “We kitties aren’t afraid of anything!”

          “Yeah!”  Vince and Sammy yowled together.

          “Let’s get going Hank!”  Smokey exclaimed.


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  2. guys...a safari soundz like a major big time total lee rockin awesum time !!! YAY !!! letz go, we will never haza chance ta due sew again ~~~♥♥ thiz iz gonna be FUN !!!

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