Saturday, June 6, 2015

Paw-mazing Kitties!

than what she imagined but the animals took care of that!

          What do I mean by ‘taking care of it?’

          All of the kitties swarmed around the humans biting, clawing and literally scratching eyes out.  Birds were dropping stones and it seemed like boulders were even dropping!  Now, how that was being done Smokey had no idea but she was to busy to care.

          At one point, it seemed like the lion made a flying leap along with the Mayor who landed on some fat guy with dark skin, who was screaming his head off.  Smokey, due to the fact that she had three legs was sticking with the lion.  Besides, as he was biting and clawing- she was taking a swat at with her paw every couple of minutes.  And trust me, Smokey had what you call a major claws.  She was known to take tough kitties in the past, as many of you already know.

          Okay, if you want a really good image of what’s going on picture (again) Casey’s favorite movie Braveheart and that big battle they had when Mel Gibson gave that huge speech.  That’s what we had there but the animals took care of the humans much faster.  Let me also add you can’t compare this to that James Patterson book The Zoo bepaws this was something that has never been seen before in the history of meowing!  I mean who would’ve thought a bunch of housecats and exotic animals would’ve chased off a bunch of poachers?

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  1. smokey....we haz all wayz known three legs dinna & never.....will hold ewe bak ore keep ewe down !!!