Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sinking In

          Boomer, who was generally a reasonable Troutie, meowed.  “What other cats?”

          Tommy, (who remember really hadn’t been around the Trouties to much), was sort of wary of Boomer.  Poor Tommy was kind of wary of every cat but that’s besides the point.  Surprisingly enough, before all of them had to leave the party he had been having a great time hanging out with a bunch of small zebras.  So, Tommy wasn’t in that good of a mood.  Anyway, he meowed to Boomer, “It was two cats, one black and the other one looked like him,” he waved a paw at Casey.

          “How in the meow did youz sees dem?”  asked Boomer. 

          “I was riding a zebra!” Tommy yowled.  “I heard dat dis hippo always takes new animals around to show dem stuff.”

          “What kind of stuff?”  asked Ace who was having a hard time believing this, especially the Tommy riding a zebra part.

          Tommy looked at him like he had flowers growing out of his ears.  “You know all of the sites.”

          Casey meowed, “You mean to tell me that Smokey is out there, all alone with a hippo and two strange cats???”

1 comment:

  1. herz on a safari toor we bet !!!!!!!!

    { N tommy...itz oh kay ta bee wary....eye lived me furst yeer on de streetz sew eye noe wear yur comin from ~~~~~ boomer }