Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Smokey Catches a Ride

          “Are you ready to stop this insult to all animals???”  Casey asked.   The rhino was grunting excitedly by this point.

          A bigger chorus of meowing came up from the crowd.

          “Then what are we waiting for?”  Casey meowed as more kitties appeared.  “Let’s go-ooooooooooooooooooo!”

          Go???  You are meowing right they went and it was a stampede!  Smokey almost got smashed until- somehow, someway she was pulled up on a lion by the Mayor.  Wait a meow-minute!  A lion?  A male lion???

          “How did you get a lion?”  Smokey yowled as the stampede seemed to have gotten bigger by this point.

          The Mayor didn’t hear Smokey, which wasn’t surprising.  He was too busy yowling at the lion to go faster, to jump, to catch up to Casey.  Smokey heard him say something like, “What is da matta with you?  Yous can’t catch a rhino?”

          Smokey decided not to worry about it.  She just decided to dig in and hold on with all of her might!  She never thought she’d be on anything so fast.  She even took a look behind her to see if the lion was leaving fire behind him.  But-MOL- there was no need to worry there.  

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  1. ..we can due thiz !! hang on smokey...itz kinda all most sorta like surfin.....onlee sittin down ♥♥♥