Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Big Sneeze

          As previously meowed, nothing happened for awhile but all of a sudden-all of a sudden, there was a huge sneeze which made the cards go everywhere!  At first no one was sure where it came from!  All of them from the Mayor and the leopards couldn’t figure out where it came from but then there was another sneeze from a direction.

          And that’s when the fur flew.

          The leopards accused the Mayor of having the whole thing done on purpose!  The Mayor, of course was in complete denial.  But the leopards weren’t listening.  I mean they were leopards for meowing out loud did you really think they would??  The leopards were cranky anyway and these two were well-known for dealing with animals that they considered cheaters!

          The whole thing ended up leading to a huge argument.  Kitties were arguing with their new animal pals which just seemed to make them madder.  Then, it seemed like it happened all of a sudden, the kitties from Baby, to Barney, to Casey, Captain Jack and the Trouties made a break for the boat.  It was definitely time to paw on out of there more or less.  But there was one problem…

          Just one problem…

          Where in the meow was Smokey??

1 comment:

  1. smokey iz still with de hippo we bet....N 18 cents anda sack oh friez sayz monkeez in treez ...sneezed....

    hay, that all most rhymes !!! ♥♥♥