Monday, July 27, 2015

Bank Mystery

     That, of course, is what the Mayor wanted to know.  “Me wants somes justice!”  he yowled to any cat who would listen.  Most of the cats pawin’ by listened with half an ear but generally, the kitties were more interested in pawin’ to the beach instead of hearing the Mayor rant and rave.

          Ace, of course, was a little ticked off by this entire situation too but he was a little more direct than the Mayor.  He actually leaned over and pulled the nearest cat’s tail which bought him close to the group.  “What’s going on here Fuzzy?”  Ace asked.

          Now, this kitty, who was gray with white paws, happened to have been on the island for awhile.  How’s that for coincidence?  His name happened to be Alex and he wasn’t too fond of Ace calling him Fuzzy.  With all of that being meowed, he decided to play it cool and meowed.  “For a week.”

          That stunned the Trouties, Ace and all of the rest of Smokey’s crew.  Daisy, finally, got it out.  “A week???”

          “What happened?”  asked Barney, who was suddenly getting very interested in this situation, mostly bepaws he smelled a mystery. 

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  1. watch out now if dai$y noes de bank iz closed & haz been closed fora week. ~~~~~~~~~~~