Friday, July 24, 2015

Mad Mayor

          Actually, Ace was secretly relieved at this bank visit bepaws I’m sure you figured out that he had some shady investments in the Fish Island bank as well.  So he wasn’t actually too angry with the Mayor.  But something really strange happened when they got to the place!  It was closed!

          The kitties couldn’t believe it.  All of the Trouties had their mouths drop and whiskers stick out in that weird pointy way at the same time.  Ace was also shocked bepaws his eyes were as big as saucers of milk.  The other kitties were, of course surprised.  As a matter of fact Barney asked it first-

          “What is up with this?”  he asked.  “Is this place like Greece?”

          Now before you kitties even meow, of course they all know about Greece’s troubles.  These kitties are very informative and soak up all the news.  Let’s note that all kitties are very informative and a lot of you humans just don’t know it-MOL.  Anyway, it seemed like it took a few minutes for that question to sink in but then the Mayor seemed to blow his top.

          “You DUMB-DUMB kitty!” he yowled.  “Dis not Greece- da bank shouldn’t bes closed!”  He gave Barney a paw to prove his point.

          If you know anything about the kitties, you know Barney is a purr-ty good-natured cat.  He did not see that paw coming.  “What was dat for?”

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  1. be jezuz dont let dai$y see de bank iz closed........