Sunday, July 19, 2015

Off to Fish Island

          They were all kind of stumped on this.  What should they do next?  There was a ton of places that they could go and visit but the Mayor had a great idea.  They needed to go to Fish Island!


          Where in the meow was Fish Island? 

          The better question was- WHY?

          Well, if you kitties remember correctly, this is where the Trouties had their fortune!  It was what you call the cat version of the Cayman Islands but this place was 100000 better, the Mayor explained.  Anything a kitty could ask for was there and he kept going on and on about it.  Finally, when Baby asked how did he know that Fish Island was better than the Caymans he didn’t want to meow about it.  When Baby asked why- he said it was a secret.

          That answer had Daisy rolling her eyes and twitching her whiskers.  “He iz jus’ bein’ dopey,” she meowed.  “He don’t know anything abouts the Caymans.”

          The Mayor didn’t even bother answering her.  He knew it was true but he also knew that he just had to get to Fish Island.  “How bouts it?”  he asked.  “You cats ready to go?”

          The funny thing was- there was no arguments for once.  Everybody liked the idea of a tropical island stop!  So look out Fish Island! They’ll be there soon.

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  1. get de hammick reddy on de beech, get de grillz fired up, get de surf & turf on de grill, letz get thiz partee started !!! ♥♥♥♥ everee one iz welcome & they can stay for like how ever long they wanna stay !!!