Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tommy Takeoff

          Casey was not only really hot at this point but he was getting mad.  “Would you two shut-up!”  he yowled.  “We have  better things to worry about- like Smokey!”

          Before anyone could answer him there were footsteps everywhere!  Mind you we’re talking about legitimate footsteps.  The humans were coming and they seemed to be charging right at them. 

          Now, all of you remember the rule I’m sure, when they’re all together- no human is going to see them.  So out of absolute caution all were going to head off to the right and hide behind a pile of rocks.

          All of them except Tommy!

          If you remember Tommy’s ‘tail,’ you might recall that the kitty had been abused big time by some rotten human that the CTA was still trying to find.  (If you’re whiskers are twitching at what in the meow the CTA is- it stands for Cat Trackers Association.  It’s a little side business that the kitties and Trouties started on the side when things were somewhat boring.  Their job is to track down their old owners and get even with them somehow for how they were treated before they came to their new owners.  What in the meow would be the point of it?  Well, a little bit of justice never hurt anybody.  Besides animal cruelty laws are a joke anyway.  Some cat needs to stand up for the common kitty!  But all of this is another story.) 

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  1. tommy....dood....psssssstt......over N be quik.....knot all peepulz can be trusted....seer ee iz lee......due knot let em see ya coz we dunno bout em yet ♥♥

    { we iz off line til monday guys....Heerz two an arctic char kinda week oh end ♥♥♥ }