Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hacking Smokey

          Alex showed the cats the main computer and stepped back while Smokey turned on the machine and went to work.  At least she tried too.  Anytime she did something, she had some cat breathing down her back or kept ending up on the meowrock website.  Finally, a calm Smoke yowled out, “Everybody get out!”

          “Why?”  asked the Mayor, who didn’t trust Smokey.  He swore that she’d end up ditching the plan, sneak out the window and wind up on a beach somewhere. 

          Leave it to the Mayor.

          Smokey was really surprised that he even had to ask such a dumb question. 

“Why do you think?”  she asked.  “You can’t do anything with somebody breathing down your back!”

          The Mayor knew Smokey had a point but that didn’t make him happy about it.  All of the cats, including Alex stalked out of the room.  The last thing Smokey remembered hearing was some cat say, “There has better be a way to make sure she can stay in there.”  Judging by the accent, Smokey guessed it was probably Ace. Not that it mattered or anything, Smokey was smart enough to realize there was no way that she could get away with sneaking out of there!

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  1. ace...dood...if therez noe windows....herz safe lee inn side !! ♥♥♥