Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dr. Smokey

          Now Casey’s whiskers were in propeller mode.  “Oh yeah?  Well at least I could take on a kitten!”

          Baby bristled again, looking like she was ready to attack but Smokey stepped in.  “Knock it off,” she meowed.  “You can’t scratch every cat’s eyes out!”

          “You wanna bet?”  Baby asked, eyeing up Smokey with a really nasty look.  “I could take you out in a couple of seconds.”

          Smokey wasn’t in the mood- to be honest none of them were.  It was stupid anyway.  There was no meowin’ way that Baby should be ready to take everyone on!  Smokey wondered if Baby was missing Ace and just wanted to take her mind off of everything by fighting everybody!  So, instead of wondering, she flat out asked, “You miss Ace, don’t ya?”

          Baby looked at her like she was crazy.  “Meee-huh?”

          “You miss Ace and that’s why you want to fight with everybody,” Smokey meowed.

          All of the cats were staring at this point.  Casey wondered if his head would explode.  Every so often Smokey did do something like this- this meaning act like a human with her way of thinking.  It was flat-out annoying.  “What’s the matter with you Smokey?”  he asked.







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  1. guyz....everee one mizzez ace....just shows ya troo lee cared bout him; & him meened sum thin two ewe all....we bet him feelz de same....& ya noe what...itz kewl....we mizz gram paw dude & sauce two ♥♥♥