Saturday, January 9, 2016

In Ace's Honor

          Relax.  Relax the paws!  I didn’t expect anything!  How could I figure that somebody would know how to track down something called ‘Da Creature???’  Besides that the kitties really weren’t sure if ‘Da Creature’ could be a person or another animal.

          It could wait for a bit anyway.  It was time to mourn a good kitty, a great kitty and a good pal.  When Ace first came around- the other kitties really weren’t to sure what to think about him.  He was a tough-looking alley cat who was really nothing but a big baby.  Big baby is a good thing too bepaws that would mean he was just flat-out affectionate.  All of them, including Casey, were crying purr-ty hard. 

          After the funeral it was time for a toast to their pal.  One of those good nip-drink toasts which had all of the kitties ending up purr-ty tipsy.  It was, naturally, a sad beginning to the nip process but by the end there was a lot of laughing, whisker twitching and heavy purring due to a lot of Ace stories.  All knew they lost a good one and there was one thing that you could guarantee after this night-

          Ace would never be forgotten.

          And his killer would be found no matter what!

1 comment:

  1. guys....we raiz R glassez ta ace two....

    just like de ole Irish wake; bak in de dayz oh yor.....ya sell a brate de life oh de loved one....coz they meened sum thin... ta everee one

    ace...thiz bee for ewe dood !!! !!!!!! !!!!!! !!! !! !!!!!!!!!!