Thursday, January 28, 2016


          Smokey’s tail was swishing.  “We should call the Trouties.”

          Casey’s whiskers twitched.  It was a great idea and he knew it but mee-ow!  How in the meow were you going to describe this whole thing?  How in the meow do you tell your fellow kitties that there were nuts out there?  But he knew it had to be done.  “Make the call,” he meowed to Smokey.

          Barney seemed shocked by this.  “Do you think they’d come?”  he asked, as Smokey scampered out of the room.

          Casey couldn’t believe that goofy question.  “Why are you asking that?”

          “I dunno,” meowed Barney.  “They just seemed like they were really wiped out from the Fish Island trip.  Daisy even yowled that she didn’t want bothered for at least two months.”

          That sent Casey’s whiskers into overdrive.  “When did she meow that?”

          “After you and her fought over the last batch of treats,” Barney meowed in that smart-mouthed tone.

          Casey was embarrassed that anyone had found out about that.  He had actually thought that was a private argument but who in the meow cared?  “Drop it,” he meowed, giving Barney a paw.  “I think they’ll come.”

          That’s when a meow came from the doorway- “We iz already here!!!!”

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  1. N we bringed hank with uz.... !!

    hank : ...and I brought leo with me !!!

    heerz two a bicolor goat fish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥