Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hank's Bellow

          The kitties were left staring after Hank’s trial in awe.  We’re meowing Robin Williams mouth-drop Aladdin genie awe!  (Oh c’mon, you know what I’m meowing about, don’t you?  I’m meowing about the scene were Aladdin tricked the genie into giving him another wish and the genie, Williams, couldn’t answer bepaws his mouth fell to the floor!  It’s funny- trust me…watch it…)

          But enough Robin Williams, it’s time to paw aong…

          The kitties didn’t know what to meow.  Would you?  What are you really going to meow after watching the big-butt hippo run down the road!  They couldn’t meow anything bepaws a huge noise came from the bottom of the hill that was a combination of a snort, growl and a scream.  The scream was so creepy that Smokey was paws-itive that it had to have shattered their windows, if not windows in the whole neighborhood.  It was over though in less than a minute and everything went amazingly still.

          The kitties stared at each other.  Smokey always heard that phrase of ‘breaking the sound barrier’ but wasn’t sure what that meant in terms of kitties.  She did however see that some whiskers were on the ground.  “Who lost da whiskers?”  she asked.

          Smokey’s meow sounded strange.  It sounded like she was trapped in some kind of large tube but at the mention of whiskers al paws went up to their faces. 

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  1. guys...thiz miss tree iz gettin scraree urr bye de minit....whiskerz chex everee one haz therz?? may bee de screem came frum de monsturr & hank did em in !!!!