Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Moody Hank

Hank looked shocked that he even said that, “What you sayin’ that for?”

“Well you iz a baby!” the Mayor repeated.

Hank’s expression changed in an instant.  As a matter of fact, it seemed like he was getting all snorty.  “Me oughta ram you into the creek!”

That sent the Mayor scrambling up the front tree.  “You comes and getz me blubber-face!”

Meeee-ow Hank was mad!  Mad??!  Who am I kidding, he was down right pissed off, he started charging towards the tree but Barney and Casey managed to keep him in check by blocking him from the front and back.  Luckily the two of them were built like small hippos themselves.  Anyway, they were able to hold off Hank for a couple of seconds until he calmed down.

He sat his butt back down on the road.  “Okay, I’m good now.”

“What’s going on?”  meowed Smokey, emerging from nowhere, looking very dry.  “I heard some weird snorting noise.”

All kitties gave Smokey the, ‘keep quiet’ look and she backed off.  With whiskers twitching, she studied Hank who seemed to look very mellow.  “You okay Hank?”

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