Sunday, February 28, 2016

Smug Cheetahs

          Casey looked at Smokey.  “When did Hank even mention baseball?”

          “How in the meow would I know that!”  she meowed indignantly.  “Who knew that a hippo would like baseball!”     

          “I thoughts he’d like football,” Boomer commented with a twitch of the whiskers, “since he’s so fat.”

          Barney exploded after that remark.  “Would you stupid cats SHUT-UP!!!  I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THESE TWO FOUND OUT ABOUT DA CREATURE!”

          Frank smirked and Carla started licking him on the head.  (Oh meee-yuck!)  “You don’t have to worry about that anymore!”

          “Why?”  they all meowed together, which was a strange sound in itself.  They sounded like they were in a wind tunnel.

          “Bepaws he’s dead!”  Frank announced, as Carla kept grooming him.

          Robin Williams’ Aladdin Genie mouth-drop alert!  All of their mouths fell open.  Frank settled down on the ground with a smirk and Carla snuggled closer.
          Finally, Smokey broke the silence.  “Would you two just get a room!”

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