Sunday, March 6, 2016


          Everybody turned to look at Barney!  Barney???  Meee-ow you heard that right- Barney.  It was an indignant Barney with his hackles up and his whiskers out.  Well, are you really surprised?  There’s only so much that a patient cat can even take!  He growled it out again, “Did you guys kill Da Creature? Answer me or da claws will come out.”  He showed the ones off on the left paw and they were amazingly large.

          Smokey knew for a fact that she never heard Barney growl out anything in his life! It was downright spooky!

          Leo gave a really big toothy lion grin.  He really did have nice teeth for a lion.  It was almost funny how toothy it was.  “You’re damned right,” he said.

          There was silence for a couple of minutes.  Da Creature was actually dead!  Meeeee-wow!  How cool was that?  Finally, Casey broke the silence, “Meeeeeeeeee-yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!”

          Everybody was jumping up and down, meowing loudly.  Smokey, somehow ended up on Charlie’s back!  Charlie didn’t really mind though- he did some kind of goofy rhino hop and she slid down the back like it was a sliding board on a playground.  When she stood up that’s when she noticed something really bad!

          Where was Blackie???

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  1. we think we saw blackie & dai$y headed two de grocery store ta get sum partee suppliez ~~~ ♥♥