Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Kitties v. the Fuzz

          That did it!  No FUZZ dude was getting away with meowing out that Smokey was some kind of kitten!  She gave a ‘Meeeeeeee-rowl’ and jumped on his back!


          Smokey’s attacking the FUZZ?  What does she think this is?  A Donald Trump rally?  *Snickers from the audience*  Anyway she wasn’t the only one who was on the attack, the next thing you know Baby was pulling fur out all over the place.  As a matter of fact these two were going at it so hard that an audience had even gathered around to watch and you really couldn’t blame them.  After all, who would’ve thought that a three-legged cat could take out a member of the FUZZ.

          Well, the whole thing really didn’t take too long and I bet you’re wondering how fast they threw Baby and Smokey in the car with Daisy.  Meee-ow guess what?  They didn’t.

          Meee-ow you heard that right.  They didn’t   Smokey and Baby were tossed on their respective butts on the sidewalk and they drove Daisy out of there so fast that the screeching of the car actually broke the window in the nip bar!

          What in the meow is up with this?


  1. frank lee eye due knot noe; but eye can say...vacayshunz time iz heer again !!!! :) :) signed...butter lover boomer o ta dai$y =^..*=

    we iz out til monday guys …sew heerz two a Baikal oilfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

    1. ~~~~~~ N they hurd dai$y a me smokey & baby & blackie too ...please and thanx ♥♥♥♥