Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Debating Daisy

   They looked at Smokey like she just escaped from the funny farm.  “Whutz you askin’ us dat for?”  asked Boomer.

          “You shouldn’t leave Daisy in jail!”  yowled Smokey.  “Dat’s not right.”

          Casey agreed.  “Did you guys set her up?”

          The Trouties looked at Casey indignantly.  In other meows, they were playing innocent.  “We didn’t do nothin’ at all,” the Mayor meowed smoothly.

          “Yeah, I bet,” Casey meowed, whiskers twitching.  “You cats are to sneaky.”

          Now, if you’re wondering why Casey was trying to pick some kind of fight the answer was- who in the meow knew for sure?  Casey was in just one of those moods where he was feeling kind of frisky and wasn’t afraid to let people know it.  As a matter of fact, he shocked everyone with, “Why don’t you cats just go back like you meowed.  We’ll bust Daisy out of Da FUZZ’s place!”

          “Yeaaaaaaah!”  yowled Baby who was completely pumped up by this point.  She was ready for a good rumble.

          Smokey was feeling it too.  “Yeah, you boys go home- we’ll find Daisy.”














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  1. barney & casey....uz doodz gotta stix two gether....let de gurls handle her....bee sides...we haz all reddy missed opening day & how manee MOR games.... letz go ~~~~~