Monday, May 23, 2016

Lookin' For Fuzzy

          Smokey hopped around carefully, thriving on the warm sand running in between her claws.  Meeee-ow the sand was lots of fun.  She started have sand castle flashbacks and briefly wondered if there was a sandcastle contest going on around the area.  She shook it off.  Fuzzy needed to be found.

          As a matter of fact, it was funny hearing the cats along the beach meowing out Fuzzy’s name.  It sounded like some kind of song chours.  Smokey didn’t get it!  She was a calico kitten- it wasn’t like she could hide.  Barney managed to blend in really nicely with the yellowish fur but there was no way that Fuzzy could hide.

          And Smokey was correct on that!  She took a glance up a sand dune and there was Fuzzy!  Fuzzy, looking as proud as she can be, with her head going in every direction. 

          Wait a meow minute!

          What was Fuzzy doing on top of a sand dune?

          Well, it was easy to figure out.  She was looking for Fuzzy.  You had to give her credit.  She was taking matters into her own hands.  You really couldn’t blame her.  After all, the older cats did give her a hard time.

          “Fuzzy!”  Smokey meowed.  “What are you doing?”


  1. we waz tryin ta say.... smokey....ewe & fuzzy knead ta teem up for de sand castle contest....we bet her finded de best pile oh sand ta use !!

  2. go get sum pails at peetez pound oh perch & pail pub....hurree bee fore him runz out !!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥