Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Retracing Blackie

    Smokey didn’t know what to meow to that!  She remembered what Hank said- Da Creature was gone!  He had to be gone.  Hank wouldn’t lie.  There was no way he would.


          Well, that didn’t matter at this point.  There was a frantic Fuzz who Smokey wasn’t sure what to do with!  Fuzzy wasn’t going to bite at the lame comfort attempts.  She wanted some action.  Smokey twitched her whiskers and felt reason coming into her brain.  “When did you last see her?”

          You would’ve thought Smokey asked Fuzz the history of mankind.  Her whiskers were twitching the tail was swishing.  “Dunno,” she meowed.  “It’s been a long time.”

          Smokey tried a different tactic.  “When did you get down here- to the beach?”

          That’s when Fuzz got her brain moving and meowed out a ‘tail’ of how she and Blackie came down for fun and sun, then Blackie disappeared during some kind of ‘tail frisbee’ contest.  No one could explain it and she had been searching for her since!



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  1. try two rememburr fuzzy...frizbee waz knot two long ago....pluz we can ask round two thoz who were IN de contest ! ♥♥♥