Thursday, May 12, 2016

Smokey Stepped On What...?

          Smokey coughed and inspected her fur.  It had that dusty tinge to it and it was kind of sticky.  (Yeah I know that sounds strange.)  But the stickiness was as annoying and it only made her madder.  She started pawing back to the city muttering all kinds of things about Daisy- about Baby.  She actually wondered if she could start revenge early by doing something online.  Anyway, Smokey was so lost in thought that she didn’t hear a, ‘meeee-ow,’ until she literally stepped on the something that went, ‘MEEEE-OW!’  Smokey had actually stepped on a kitten!  It was a little, calico kitten!


          What in the meow was going on?

          “What did you step on me for?”  meowed the kitten in a really loud voice.  “What did I do to you?”

          Smokey was actually so shocked to see the kitten that she had fallen backwards on her butt.  She couldn’t meow anything.

          “What’s the matter with you?”  asked the kitten stepping closer to her.  “Can’t you meow?”

          “Who in the meow are you?”  asked Smokey.

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  1. guys !!! did mom a doptz a wee callie coe kitteh !!! AWESUM !!!!!! ♥♥♥