Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Smokey Steps In

          Now picture all of these kitties with their eyes on the Fuzz.  Isn’t that just a goofy image?  All of  these kitties with their eyes on little Fuzzy.  It was no wonder the kitten looked ready to freak. 

          “Who iz you?”  the Mayor asked again.

          “Why can’t you meow right?”  asked the Fuzz.

          The Mayor was stunned by this.  Who in the meow did this kitten think she was trying to act smart?  “You wantz cracked on the butt you kitten?”

          Poor Fuzzy was really getting upset.  She glares at Smokey.  “How come you bought all these weird cats here?  I just wanted my mommy!”  And with that Fuzzy started to cry.

          All of them stared at poor Fuzzy.  Poor Fuzzy!  First abandoned, then she meows for help and now she gets nothing but harassing questions.  Smokey, naturally started feeling the most guilt, and she should.  There’s no way you harass a kitty like Fuzz.

          “Easy,” Smokey meowed to the Mayor.  “Give her a break, she lost her mom.”

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  1. well, we will all help ewe find yur mom fuzzy....letz go ! ♥♥♥