Thursday, June 30, 2016

Bad News

Fuzzy’s whiskers twitched.  It was tough to remember bepaws of what happened.  Smokey had been helping out a lot and that’s one of the reasons she missed her so much.  “Me don’t remember,” she meowed.

          Baby threw up the paws in frustration.  She wasn’t any good at dealing with kittens and she knew it.  “I wish the Smoke was here,” she meowed to Daisy.  “She could meow with this kid.”

          Fuzzy’s whiskers, tail and head went up!  They didn’t know Smokey was gone!  How could they?  Those two had been doing who knows what with who knows who!  They wouldn’t know anything about poor Smokey.  “Smokey’s gone,” meowed Fuzz.

          They just looked at her in disbelief.

          “Smokey’s gone,” repeated Fuzz.

          Daisy fell on her butt and Baby looked like she was ready to cry.  “What do you mean?”  Baby asked.









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  1. go a head N cry galz...itz oh kay....all uz boyz did coz smokey waz & still iz... R gal pal ~~~~ ♥♥♥

    { we bee offline fora few...heerz two a flagfin happee 4th kinda week oh end.... see ya twooz day ♥♥♥ }