Monday, June 20, 2016

Casey- A Dad????

          Fuzzy’s eyes were really huge by this point!  As a matter of fact she started whimpering, which made Casey grab her and cuddle her close.

          “You don’t pick on the Fuzzy,” he informed the Mayor, sounding like a dad more than anything.   The Mayor’s eyes widened at this comment.  So Casey stated it again, “You don’t pick on the Fuzzy.”

          The Mayor’s whiskers started twitching.  “She has to talk,” he meowed. “You knows dis.”

          Casey put the Fuzzy down.  “She doesn’t do anything!”  he yowled.  “Can’t you see she’s scared enough?”

          “Why iz youz actin’ like her dad?”  The Mayor meowed.  “I didn’t know you had enough inz ya to even getz a girl to lookz at ya!”

          Did that make Casey mad?  Of course it did!  He preceded the way you thought a normal, healthy male cat would.  He pawed him in the face and meee-ow!  That started one of those Purry Cute brawls!

1 comment:

  1. then from out of nowhere they all heard:

    oh stop with the hole BOY stuff... dai$y and baby and blackie chimed in from behind them....

    leave fuzzy alone and have some respect for smokey....

    you boys are just so....