Saturday, June 4, 2016

Meet Charlie

          Smokey and Fuzzy looked at this tabby with shock.  He was a handsome cat, by the way, furry and sharp green eyes.  He was really excited too.  Smokey looked at Fuzzy, wondering if she knew this handsome tabby but Fuzzy looked as shocked as she did.  “How do you know her mom?”  asked Smokey.

          The tabby’s whiskers twitched.  “I heard her meowing all around town, looking for you,” he meowed to Fuzz.  “Your name’s Fuzzy, right?”

          Fuzzy was so surprised that her hackles went up but mind you this was the shocked hackle look.  “Uhhuh that’s me.”

          Smokey was more direct, “Who are you?”

          “Charlie,” he answered.  “I think I can take you to your mom if you want me too.”
          Smokey was in a daze for a second bepaws she was thinking that it was funny how many Charlies that she’s met over the last couple of years.  Fuzzy though was bounding up and down.  “I’m going!”  she meowed.  “Smokey are you coming?”

          What was Smokey supposed to say to that?  No?  So, off Smokey and Fuzz went with a cat named Charlie…

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  1. we hope thiz dood noez what heez talkin bout.....N him reel lee DOEZ noe yur mom fuzzy ~~~~ ♥♥♥