Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Search Paw-ty For Fuzzy!

Meeeeee-what???  Wait a meow-minute!  How could dat be pawsible? 

          “Fuzzy’s not here,” Barney meowed.  “She disappeared.”

          “How in the meow could that be?”  asked the Sheriff.  “We didn’t fight to long!”  (For reference it looked like some of the Sheriff’s ear was missing.

          Nobody could answer that bepaws the Sheriff was right!  How in the meow could Fuzzy disappear so quickly, the traumatized- non-meowing Fuzzy who seemed like she couldn’t do anything!  I mean, if she couldn’t meow-it seems like that all of other terms of rationale would’ve disappeared from her head!

          All of them, naturally, started meowing- “Fuzzy!”  And soon all over the beach you could hear “FUZZY!”  You see it was easy to start a search paw-ty for the cute kitten who had obviously had some kind of scary experience.  Even the toughest cat was yowling “FUZZY!”

          But more and more it was looking like she vanished!

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  1. daisy to baby: look at those boys; they are so clueless

    baby to daisy; I know, wonder how long it's going to take them to figure out she's