Saturday, June 18, 2016

What Does Fuzzy Know?

          The kitties couldn’t believe it!  Well, do you actually blame them?  They had been missing for awhile and it was easy to think that they might be in big trouble.  All signs indicated that they were dead.   So, Fuzzy appearing was purr-ty much a miracle.

          Casey, of course, was the first one to meow it.  “What happened to you?”

          Fuzzy looked at them with wide eyes and twitching whiskers.  She didn’t meow anything.

          Barney was panicked by this point!  “Where’s Smokey?”

          Fuzzy’s eyes seemed like they got bigger.  She shuddered some but didn’t meow anything.

          The Mayor, calm and cool, as he usually is finally reached his breaking point.  He picked Fuzzy up by the nape of the neck.  “Whut youz gotz to meow for yourself?”

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