Monday, September 5, 2016

Movie Lines

Hank stepped back when he heard that and all eyes turned to Fuzzy.  "That lines sounded familiar," Barney meowed.

Baby's whiskers were twitching and the tail was swishing.  "We don't rip off movie lines," Baby meowed to Fuzzy.

What in the meow did Fuzzy know about 'A Few Good Men?'  Meee-ow it didn't matter.  "You don't wanna know what happened to Smokey," Fuzzy meowed to Hank.

Hank just stared at Fuzzy with those buggy eyes.  "What do you mean?"

"Bepaws I don't wanna know and dat's why I don't remember!"  she meowed, sitting down on her butt. 

All of the kitties let out collective deep, disappointed breath.  They actually thought that Fuzzy might've remembered something.  "You goof," meowed Casey.

"Why?"  asked Fuzzy.

"You had everybody thinking you knew!"  Barney exclaimed.

Hank was still staring at the Fuzz.  "Let me ask you something, little kitten..."

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