Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Tippy Question

To recap- Tippy wanted to know how they could all help Dave.

Now, who would've ever guessed that little Tippy would be the one to ask this.  Tippy was just a little kitty.  You would think that she'd be kind of scared of Dave.  Kind of scared is putting it mildly. You would think she'd be terrified!  So after everyone got over the momentary shock and shame of the fact a little kitten had to offer first, Casey just flat-out meowed it:

"Where do you want to go?"

Dave had a few ideas.  His first choice was to join on with another pack but he was starting to get more and more fond of the idea of heading for a zoo.  Leo was paw-ticularly shocked by this.  "You are kidding right?"  he asked.

"Why not?"  asked Dave.  "Good environment- free care and safety why not?"

The Mayor then asked the inevitable.  "Which onez?"

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  1. dave....dood....ya reeeeeeeeeeel lee gotta give thiz sum thought buddy.....troo lee....zooz aint all they say they iz.....♥♥♥