Friday, December 9, 2016

Everybody Knows Hank

After the momentary shock, something very important sunk in...

Everyone knows Hank.

Holy meows!  How coooooooooooool is dat?

Anyway this little walrus's name was Eddie (meow- I know Eddie the walrus- go figure) and his dad was the one trapped on the ice and needed the help.  "Hank told everybody about you guys!"  he exclaimed happily.  "But where did he go?"

That was the question, wasn't it?  Where in the meow was he?  It seems like that he had some kind of unknown plan to take down the humans who were ruining Santa's place.  How could you tell?  There was little earthquakes now and then which, by the process of elimination, had to be from Hank.

Barney had this covered, "He'll be back.  He just had some business to take care of."

Eddie had no problem with that explanation.  He just seemed really excited to see anyone that could help.  "You cats gotta help me!"  he exclaimed looking at all of them intently, especially Leo.  "You have to save my dad!"

"Sam?"  asked Casey.  "Sam's your dad?"

He nodded.  "He's out in the middle of nowhere- come on! Come on!  You have to follow me!"

Now, who would've thought that a little walrus could move so fast but soon all of them were right by the Arctic Ocean and they could see Sam!  He looked like he was headed right towards where the humans were working!

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  1. may bee we can all make like a conga line kinda thing N help sam...purrhapz that wood werk ~happee week oh end guyz....stay warm, rite now we iz havin a heet wave...itz 32 !! ♥♥♥