Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Newspaper Story

Taken From the New York Times

Storm Destroys Fracking Area

North Pole

A late season storm destroyed a fracking area yesterday, injuring the twenty that worked there.  A witness described the wind as 'hurricane force' while another said it sounded like the ice was cracking the entire time.  Jason Sanderson, a truck driver, said that "That there had to be an earthquake going on too."

Strange stories of animals rampaging through the camp were also reported.  Scientists believe that it could have possibly been a herd of walruses spooked out by the storm.  One witness swears a huge cat that looked like a lion was actually seen clawing at the fracking equipment.  However that story was quickly put to rest due to the fact it was impossible.  The witness in question was later diagnosed with a concussion.

Triple Air Oil and Gas, the company in charge of the project, had no comment on the matter.  But inside sources did say that the area there with most of the gas was nearly impossible to drill at this time and any future drilling would have to be investigated thoroughly.

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