Friday, December 16, 2016

Sam Has Arrived!

Well they didn't have to wait to long to figure it out!  Out of nowhere it seems- Sam came lumbering out of nowhere  bellowing and jumping up and down.  (Okay, so he wasn't jumping up and down.  How can a walrus do that-right?  Let me meow it to u this way he was acting like a seal when it does all those cool tricks at a park!)

"Dad!!!"  yelled Eddie walrus-running like  over to him.  He jumped on his back (which is obviously the walrus version of a hug). 

Sam must've bee walrus-like laughing. His mouth was flapping and he didn't seem mad at anyone.  As a matter of they were actually rolling around like they were wrestling.  Now, the kitties were fascinated but Hank stopped it- he was to excited.

"Sam! Sam!  I can't believe you made it!  I thought you were eaten by the tiger!" he bellowed out.

Sam, who was obviously a jolly walrus, chuckled.  "I can't believe it either.  And you guys stopped the fracking!  What's next?"

That's when Paws, the kitten, meowed out, "Santa!!  We're going to see Santa!"

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