Wednesday, December 7, 2016

So, Where's Hank Going?

So, where was Hank going?

To tell you the truth no one knew for sure.  Meee-ow- Leo was even bewildered.  One thing was for sure, the more these cats pawed along the louder everything got.  As a matter of fact Daisy started meowing that her ears were hurting.

"How do you think I feel?"  asked Baby.  "A couple of my whiskers fell out."

There was some meow-grumbling until one off the kittens, Sammie in paw-ticular meowed, "What's Hank gonna do?"

Well, you know Hank.  Who knew what he would do?  You know Hank was full of surprises.  "Who really knows for sure kid," Casey meowed.  "Maybe he can do something about the humans."

"I wish wez runz intoz somebody fromz Santa's place," the Mayor meowed.  "Sincez Hank's gone, whatz we gonna do?"

He bought up an interesting point considering, Hank was the one who insisted they go up there to save not just Santa but his friend Sam.  What were they gonna do?  They had no idea where they were going.

That is until they came upon a baby walrus...

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  1. guys....ewe noe we due knot think with a lik oh senze in R branez...rite now we iz think oh frosty de snow man N de abominable monsturr.......we hope hank doez knot run inta him !!! ♥♥♥