Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What Is That Thing?

They were sliding...

And getting faster...faster...faster...

All of a sudden BAM!  They smacked right into Santa's sleigh and a tiger!  Wait a meow minute- a tiger!  Yeah, a tiger- it was the tiger that saved Sam, otherwise known as Dave.  They were so shocked that Santa almost fell out of the sleigh.  Dave didn't know whether or not to get mad or laugh.  All of the kitties looked so shocked, the walruses looked dazed and Hank was knocked out!


Don't worry.  That didn't last.  The Mayor ended up yowling, "HANK!!!!"  Then his eyes popped open and he stood up, which caused other kitties to fall off his back.  Right after that Leo came bounding out of nowhere with a bunch of happy kittens (hanging on tight) still on his back.  That's when he growled out, "You should've taken the short cut!"

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